What are your greatest inspirations or influences?

My greatest inspirations are those who know how to enjoy life outside of the current ever growing modern lifestyle. I’m inspired by people who live their lives with what they need and not what they want. People who give and and don’t expect anything in return. I judge people on the way they treat others. Those who started at the bottom and have built their way up, however still know how to return to the simplicity of having nothing.

Most interesting travel journeys so far and places you still have yet to visit?

This is tough to answer because there are so many places and you really can't compare but some highlights include; Alaska, Turkey, Switzerland, Barcelona, and Asia in general. I live for new adventures, even if it screams danger.

Describe how you got into photography?

I always had a passion for visual art, especially paintings. However, I never saw myself being a photographer. I would have to say I have my older brother to thank who convinced me to try and since I can be quite spontaneous at times, one day I decided to spend a fortune on a new camera and lenses without ever having shot before. From there the rest is history. In my photography I try to focus more on emotions rather than just beauty. I think so many photographers get caught up in trying to make something beautiful from something beautiful. When that same beauty can come from a dark place.

What are some of the challenges of life as a model?

Nothing lasts forever, so people come and go in my life all the time. People I become very close to but eventually have to part with. I think this is one of the things I have had to deal with the most and is the toughest part of my job. Traveling is such a blessing but like all things there is always a price to pay. Seeing the world can make it very hard to be satisfied in one place. You seem to know what you are missing out on all over the world. You are always left with the taste in your mouth wanting more. Because of this, I can’t say that someone who travels is happier than someone who has never been outside of their own country. Seeing always makes you want more.



I can’t say 100% what the future has in store for me, but I am hoping that a house near the beach or by a lake in the mountains is a part of that future. My life has brought me down many “yellow brick roads”. All of them have given me amazing experiences from the earlier years playing basketball, later in dance and theatre and finally as a model. Now it seems my next adventure will be life as a photographer.