ICC.INTERCOLOUR, CLIMBER B.C&rsquos main sponsor, this time convened in Istanbul for a workshop which took place regarding the future, in which presentations about the possibilities of colors and trends which may see increased prominence in the next two years were decided upon, in order to give us something to work towards.

On 20th November 2014 the workshop (simply titled &ldquoworkshop&rdquo) convened the ICC.INTERCOLOR congress, and got to work. This year was particularly special, as the 12-nation collective welcomed the latest addition to the fashion group, a delegation from America, raising our membership to include designers from 15 counties.

With current talks taking place between the group&rsquos Norwegian counterparts, it looks as though next year could also see the ICC.INTERCOLOR expand further.

As, our group was in attendance, represented by Ümit Ünal and Özlem Süer. The committee, made up of other representatives from Britain, Italy, German, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, Finland, Thailand, Korea, Portugal, Italy and France, paid close attention during the workshop. Later, in a part of the meeting closed to guests as well as the press, Ümit Ünal and Özlem Süer showed off the latest works and ideas formulated by the group&rsquos Turkish delegates.

Hosted by the representative chosen to lead the session, Britain&rsquos Joanna Bowring. "CONTAMINATIVE, TRANSFIGURE, RE-NATURATION,DUALITY,ARTITUDE,PERSONAL TREAURES,EXPERIENCE, ENCHANCE,PHILOSOPHY OF SILENCE ,MACABRE,MUTANT MATTER,REALMS OF DARKNESS" many titles, themes and concepts were discussed. New sketches and drawings explained through a new language, that nothing would be the same in the future. The new language art and mutant, changes and aesthetics, a season based on solitude and plainness.

The final results blacks, dark, deep tones, shiny black and metal greys and greens of various materials. Dark shades toned with light pastels, plain and striped down colors with dark and rich oriental and cardinal colors, formatted like a mix of still life paintings and mutant technology objects.

The group was presented with videos and narratives by various sources such as ecological activists and acclaimed, modern artists encouraging thought about new life-styles. Then, each delegation presented something from which inspiration could be sought &ndash a video related to the concept.  With a particular focus on deep and dark colors, *artitude represented an attempt to use art to compare things which improve life to what makes it fragile.

Whilst Britain, Korea, Italy, and others, played with the narrative to annotate the move towards darker tones, one group at the meeting brought a wash of color and life. After  seven different parts to the meeting, the winter colors of 2o16-2o17 were decided upon.

Dark shades of black and carbon, greyish pink and beige will balance summer shades and tones like sky blue, yellowish beige and deep, passionate red, with hints of orange, smoky grey-white and sand-wash, combined constitute a rather unique palette.

Apart from colors and shades, the group made decisions on materials, textures and surfaces such as the preference between mat and shine, smooth and coarse, synthetic or natural. Indeed, the most noticeable feature of any garment or article of clothing is both its color and materials. Every delegation performed an artistic, aesthetic and high quality performance based around a common theme.

Mutant and techno surfaces will be the approach of the future.

by Ümit Ünal