WINTER 2O16/17.


After a long and exhaustive session discussing the theme of the coming season, the final conclusion was made thus:

*no boundaries. 
*layers of reality. 

Taking these words as our focus, we came up with further titles and a new color palette to work from.

CONTAMINATIVE transfigure, re-naturation, friendly technology, smart nature, synchronize


For example, a scale of pastel shades suited to winter was created, to be applied with technological instruments onto materials that would highlight more subtle tones, such as gray-indigo, techno green, plastic pink, plastic lilac, light green, cream, beige and a apricot green.

The second color palette also took account of texture, with leather-effect brown browns, yellow and yellow-beige, orange-red, brown-beige and light purple. Also featuring strong tones like dark reds, cardinal, gold, and various strong Oriental and royal blues.

As for the 2016-17 season&rsquos &ldquoblack story&rdquo, we would describe the color selection as &ldquodisturbing&rdquo. &lsquoMacabre&rsquo, &lsquopeculiar&rsquo, &lsquomesmerizing&rsquo, &lsquomutant matter&rsquo and &lsquorealms of darkness&rsquo were some of the subheadings we came up with.

As such, we looked at the materials that would best reflect the various depths of black, and so following on from that we now try to give as much attention to how a color is presented, rather than the color itself, especially as the season is going to be a techno-futuristic one. In this sense, the color scheme has shaped up more like that of a car designer.

Shiny, mat, half-mat/half-shiny etc., are some of the ways we describe the tones, and so by conceptualizing the colors like a car designer we have come to know all the hundreds of ways that black can be presented with the right tonnage.

HYPERFUSE quantified self, beyond body, bio-hacking, clinical perfection


Black, carbon, metallic black, shiny and mat crossover, transparent green, plastic blue and leather style black tones.

A different palette was used to create a &lsquomodern classic&rsquo and &lsquoharmonies delicacy&rsquo entitled range, along with &lsquoembrace&rsquo, using more decorative and emotive colors. A palette with a little more romanticism and adding a certain positivity to one&rsquos look. As sweet and friendly as you can get. Decorative details that bode well in dozens of selected colors. This palette beings with cream and earthen tones with yellow, apricot, chrome, beige, salmon. 

The colors of the 2016-17 season are actually like a classical music piece. A powerful symphony with a composition rich in crescendos and diminuendos. Dramatic moments alongside soft, naive textures find expression with illusory colors and the futuristic, techno theme.

For the first time in a long while, the near future is being molded out of these harmonious and bold colors.

ARTITUDE manifesto, staging, bizarre, anti-conformist, uncompromised

DAILY LIFE personal treasures, experience, new order, valuing (re-value)

EMBRACE enhance, subtlety, modern classicism, harmonious delicacy, gently made

PAUSING philosophy of silence, peaceful, absence, ghostly

DISTURBING macabre, peculiar, mesmerising, mutant matter, realms of darkness, n.t.b.m

by Ümit Ünal