In Hot Pursuit of Design

The venue of this season&rsquos Intercolor meeting took place at the EHDi Higher School of Design in Barcelona. The event, which brought together a number of specially invited academics and trendsetters, kicked off with a workshop formed under the heading of &ldquoEncounter&rdquo, on Monday May 26. The meeting, attended by re-presentative teams from all mem-ber nations, featured specially invited guests in the evenings, followed by a series of workshops in the day, making the whole event a rather exciting showcase.

When the concepts of &ldquoIndividuality&rdquo and &ldquoSelf-Realisation&rdquo were brought up, it lead to a wealth of meandering discussions around the concepts of emotion and opinions, and their implications on design such as color, form and fashion &ndash and its impact on lifestyle. With the very first morning workshop, the discussion touched upon several interesting subjects. At the forefront of these were the questions of despite having made such great leaps in technology, how there was still something lacking in our lifestyle, and how our cultural DNA is made up and how haute culture carries on the street.

Under the heading, &ldquoEnter Luxury&rdquo, the idea was discussed that luxury does not focus on expense, but what has the best quality in design.

&ldquoRealism&rdquo, &ldquoReliability&rdquo, &ldquoNowness&rdquo, &ldquoEmbracing Diversity&rdquo, &ldquoFundamental&rdquo, &ldquoWonderful&rdquo, &ldquoOptimistic&rdquo, &ldquoExhuberance&rdquo, &ldquoJoyful&rdquo, &ldquoEscape&rdquo, Out of Reach&rdquo, &ldquoExperiemental&rdquo, &ldquoBiotopian&rdquo, &ldquoFocus&rdquo &hellip were just some of th ekeywords that were expanded upon and debated along with color and application. The discussion was nothing but enriched by the fact the designers came from various countries and so could offer many dif-ferent perspectives.

The Next Meeting Will Be Held in Istanbul

Concluding the trends and colors of Summer 2016 was interesting in that, the most important colors for every country were represented on the palette without exception plants, nature, skin tone, beige, greys, orange, indigo, metallic grey and pastel shades were all present. These are the kinds of colors that differ according to the material they are applied to, the architectural details and surfaces along with changing focus and conceptions and combinations. All these were heavily discussed before being concluded on May 27. The end result was that a rather distinct color concept for summer 2016 was eeked out.

Whilst the French proposed a &lsquoColor Lab&rsquo theme, with lively and romantic colors brought together with use of technical details and materials, the Japanese delegation brought forth a proposal based on carbon, indigo and light pink tones with harmonizing qualities. The &ldquoHeterology&rdquo concept, was the most attention-grabbing idea, based on a broadening of the mind through design, positing a unique and positive synthesis. Sweeden&rsquos &ldquoWhite Noise&rdquo theme was presented with a wall of white noise and offered an obvious palette, yet had quite an impact on attendees. As 34.Color.Ist. ISTANBUL, we suggested the idea of &ldquoSelf-Realisation&rdquo and &ldquoEgo&rdquo, aiming to add something different to the world fashion scene. American artist Ann Hamilton, German Kai Linke and Christo Unvelis, demonstrated, with stunning installations, a new concept of existence to our viewing pleasure.

At this point you may be happy to know that the next Intercolor event will be held in our home city of Istanbul. The theme for 2016-2017 autumn-winter range will be decided and unveiled in Turkey. Which is quite an exciting prospect.