Intercolor  - International Commission for Colour:
Obtained Decisions and Findings 2015

Intercolor,  the most important and  the only international union in colour and trends, this time was held in Paris with a special congress.  Comité French la Couleur (CFC)  hosted the meeting.

It was a very important meeting and Intercolor&rsquos 50th anniversary. That is why it was celebrated with  a special meeting, a conference, gala dinner and party.

Intercolor's  50th  anniversary was crucial for many of its members.  We, on behalf of Turkey, Ümit Ünal and Özlem Süer , celebrate the  17th anniversary.

We have been the members of Intercolor for 17 years  and we follow the world fashion and present it to Turkey. This is the season of 2015.

Besides the members of Intercolor other private groups are also invited.  Particularly,  press, editors and many trend setters.

The President of the Commission during the last 4 years Ornella Bignami made   a special presentation.  In her presentation Bignamitold about the changes in each of the participant's  country using one common language.

On behalf of PDG-Carlin international, Keller in the presentation showed the vivid examples of the differences in the colour demands in different  geographies around the world.

Sabine Le Chatelier, who took part in the celebrations on behalf of the Première Vision Le Chatelier, gave answers to the questions about the  fair organization in the new year.

There was another important guest at the presentation - Philippe Gonzalez, representing  Holding Textile.  Gonzalez told about the relations between the brands and the colours.

Delegations from 14 countries attended the meeting. The concept of  FUN-TASTIC , which was introduced by Turkey, was chosen as a common one.

In fact, as the humanity is tired because of the negative values, the concept was introduced as an irony of a new game of happiness and entertainment.

The main headlines were "Fun-tastic", the "luminous", "vaporizing", "poetic", "hybrid nature". There were many details shared about the concept.

In the last secession of the meeting presidential selection was done and Joanna Bowring from the UK&rsquos British Textile Color Group was chosen as a president for the new year.

Intercolor&rsquos 2015 Codes

In the meeting of Intercolor the codes of S/S 2015 season were presented.  Moderate and smooth soft groups  got the importance. The colours starting with white, stony shades and icy blue were special tones of the season.  Beige and salmon tones were  a priority on the color palette.

The tones which are close to white, cold and cool green tones, mint tones and very light beige color tones, coral red and yellow tones were prevalent.  These are unisex colours of 2015&hellip Timeless, Vaporizing, Opaque.

Live and neon colors are open to unlimited use in the palette. However, green and pink are more dominant.  Also artificial materials, green and  natural green, red and orange effects.

In fact, it&rsquos a very dark group.  Dark, aggressive and influential.  Carbon, purple and blue tones have brought dynamism to the summer of 2015. Shadowed, dark, conflict.


SPONTANEITY.  Humor.  Freedom.  Power.  Play.

The result of Intercolor&rsquos meeting SS 2015 is randomizing.  Spontaneous and experimental freedoms, coincidences, results, and identity statements.

Very affordable, without a more internal and spontaneous result, ornaments and freedoms, color and contrast, material and textual , organic and synthetic.

Spontaneousness, freedom, perfectionism give meaning to the season of 2015.