LANVIN Menswear SS15




On the last day of the Paris menswear shows, designer Lucas Ossendrijver came up with an urban collection with an elegant approach that looked as if it had something for every man. Here is Lanvin, ladies and gentleman&hellip

Ossendrijver thinks that men don&rsquot change every season. He confesses that his gender is stubborn. He thinks that only the life they live changes. Ossendrijver pointed to all the different modes of modern transportation men use today bike, metro - even Uber - as a men symbol of the changing needs of and their desire to have garments that are adaptable to how they live and move.

To do this in a way in keeping with the codes of the house, the designer took activewear staples and elevated them to a more refined plateau.

Ossendrijver did this primarily through extensive fabric de-velopment, unstructured suit tailoring, and hand finished embellishments.

There was so much for men to chose from in this collection. As each model walked through a pair of doorways flung wide open, they all had a different sartorial slant. Just looking at the pants in the collection shows how far Ossendrijver cast his  net to please a wide range of men. Skinny slacks, full cut trousers, drop crotch pants, and even some form fitting jacquard pajama bottom inspired designs, all  had their moment on the catwalk. The designer was however able to maintain a cohesiveness to this collection by using a dark and moody color palette throughout the show.