LEE ROACH Menswear SS15




Lee Roach is a minimalist in the truest sense of the word, yet he is a breath of fresh air with a new approach to this. He has a habit of designing overalls in monochrome from head to toe, giving it an extra minimalist stress.

Using his own limited range of colors, linen and an individual approach, the designer still manages to develop outfits for every season. On the issue of clarity in fashion he is also quite vocal. This season he has proposed some winning combinations using the perfect combination of texture, fabric and  color. Natural colors like dark green, brown, khaki are perfect for light linen surfaces, with dark navy blue and Japanese olive for cotton textures. He demonstrates some of his work with us in time for the 2015 summer season.

Roach&rsquos silhouettes and forms have become an integral aspects to his work. In a short period he will be presenting his range    for the upcoming season to fit amongst classic designs with  an innovative twist. His  seems to be to take a similar approach to Helmut Lang, a distinction  in which he takes a great   amount of pride. The 2015 summer collection could be the last one on the catwalk this year, together with its clean forms and minimalist creativity, gives it the potential to be one of the season&rsquos most remembered.

&ldquoA-London&rsquo&rsquo is one of the terms used to describe Lee Roach. Like fellow British designers such as JW Anderson or Matthew Miller, he deplays a creativity which can be exemplified better within the bounds of minimalism, the common bond between them being their ability to put out a strong message. But Roach is in another world to the others &ndash far more plain and effortless. Lee Roach does away with all the unnecessary details, leaving only the most substantial cloth.

If we look again at Lee Roach&rsquos 2015 summer collection, we can see the links between the current one and his previous two.&rdquoEach range is an evolution from my own thoughts, with production and construction playing the key role. And every new collection is a step from the previous one, with references from it &ndash albeit more mature and complete. &ldquo Explains the designer in his own words.

Becoming acquainted with his designs&ldquo Roach, who summarizes his style as being a &lsquomodern urban uniform&rsquo aims to push the idea of a uniform to its limit. High  waist trousers, waistcoat designs, casual-wear is all preserved in a masterful plainness in his latest collection. The designer himself, somewhat conversely, has a    strong affinity for combat clothing.

And knitted designs with the word PROTECT printed on them in various places adds a new meaning to his items &ndash inevitably drawing on his appreciation of     strong, militant clothing.

It is difficult to recreate, develop or add your own style to Hypebeast. A period of chic silhouettes and of salvation from the trappings of too many details.

With each and every collection possessing a constant sense of movement and development, Lee Roach looks set to continue representing something unique to Savile Row.