Ermenegildo Zegna&rsquos creative director Stefano Pilati, explores the world of architecture and space.

Imagine you are in Milan or somewhere dreamy in Italy, somewhere appropriate for a movie scene. For his Ermenegildo Zegna Couture spring-summer 2015 collection, creative director Stefano Pilati brings us a cinematic experience. The Johan Söderberg directed show, explores Pilati&rsquos world of &ldquoArchitecture and Space.&rdquo  The models are introduced as silhouettes. There&rsquos a moment of transcendence in darkness when his models emerge into the light of the runway and the color palette that swaddles them is  still, in essence, exclusively dark.

Much of the garments were highlighted by stripes fashioned in a range of fabrications from a luxury blend mouline suting stripe to silk taffeta stripes to the summer essential seersucker.

This new chapter of Pilati&rsquos Zegna compounds concepts from the previous two seasons and weaves them into his evolving aesthetic. He continues to  explore apparent contradictions that somehow, through Pilati&rsquos touch, complement one another flawlessly: &ldquoinnovations and destructions, splendor and decadence, philosophy and romanticism, masculine and feminine... architecture and space.&rdquo

Architecture and Space

The new collection targets a global metropolitan, multi-tasking urban commuter who juggles his 24/7 schedule with ease and attitude. The &ldquotailoring meets sportswear&rdquo direction builds on a wardrobe of suits, shirts, outerwear that effortlessly meld practicality with elegance.

Softly-tailored silhouettes of &ldquoseasonless&rdquo appeal are fashioned from lightweight fabrics, including high performance wools, technical cottons and advanced sportswear in &ldquoTechflex&rdquo featuring laser cut, zero seams, heat-sealed constructions.

The color palette is hinged on two shades of gray,  cement and carbon, injected with jade green, citrus yellow, royal blue and monochromatic black and white.

The Techmerino project extends its evolution into sartorial pieces. Shapes are tailored but never constricting, elevated by technically-inspired details that gain a refined and cosmopolitan vibe.

To complete the new brand&rsquos identity Z ZEGNA presents an extensive collection of sneakers, among which the multi-colored Techmerino Racer is the season&rsquos key ingredient. A perfect combo between a classic shape  and a running shoe, it adds the final touch to a new paradigm in style.