Rick Owens Menswear FW15



Rick Owens brings reds, browns and earthen tones to the winter 2014-2015 collection. Generally speaking we have come to know this designer as more of a fan of using blacks and greys, but this season he has adapted his formula to be composed of plain blocks of more vibrant color, and square pattern designs. His colors are far more natural and calming. We have grown accustomed to viewing Owens&rsquo leather material surfaces. Apart from this, there are black leather designs, but with brown printed features.

Long leather jackets and sleeveless, long rainproof jackets take the fore in this collection. Mated and shiny leather materials are presented in far eastern style with eastern traditional clothing providing an inspiration to the collection, with a plainer, more modern chic twist. Owens&rsquo new designs are sure to give your eyes a treat. Long cardigans and trousers, shoes and boots are also cut from the same materials in the same colors and fashions. Maybe this is how Owens&rsquo new eastern-oriented formula recalls the basics principles of that tradition with such eye-catching attention to detail.

Overall suits, which present the wearer with a relaxing one-piece in plain aesthetic form, are where Rick Owens has taken standard traditional workwear and made it street-style worthy. In the designer&rsquos latest collection, the intellectual approach of the Paris catwalk was given a plain and impacting statement with relaxed and self-confident charm.