Climber B.C. Menswear FW15



With our various Androgynous, Haute Couture, Jean and Elite lines, Climber B.C. addresses men&rsquos fashion for those who want to experience unique pleasures and have the codes of the industry adhered to in the best way for them, with this in mind, this season we have decalred ourselves a brand for those reaching for the peak. The clothing of this season is high-class, plain and displays a rich selectivity in the elegance of its nuances.

For our latest season Climber B.C. is taking inspiration from Dandyism &ndash in other words, a classic writer-poet vibe. Essentially, the Climber B.C. design team has taken the chic of writers from the turn of the century as a starting point to work with. Tailored with relief design characteristics and celebrity jackets, tartan, romantic and lush autumn shades, this season&rsquos dotted cotton shirts possess special design quality in their materials and represent the sophisticated approach which is key to the season as a whole. We are also experimenting with a style and attitude bordering on classic-avant-garde. The accessories range for this season is based on an earthen palette in which reds and redish-brown tones have made the strongest impact.

It&rsquos a visible fact avant-garde details work with Climber B.C.&rsquos trouser format. Regarding our Jean line-up, the special combinations for this season is a special tone of green in slim fit style with personalised designs  and countless washed effect items, which are a timeless feature deserving of every wardrobe. Indigo has a special place in our collection too, this year, with washed effect and patchwork creating an eye-catching feature of design. In addition, dark, shaded tones highlight the artistic washed effect, with the top items having the most dynamic look with grey and petrol tone features.