James Long Menswear FW15



Our second graduate of the Royal College of Art, James Long, has been working for many years out of the fashion legend Virginia Bates&rsquo London and New York bases, having got a kick-start in his early fashion career before starting on his own brand works. Leather jackets and works which feature leather within their incorporated designs are a heavy feature of his works in men&rsquos fashion and they hold yet another important place in this collection. His designs show a new understanding of design and have been greeted accordingly as an important reference to new current permeating fashion.

One of his most striking examples of using print to its full potential is a cardigan emblazoned with a hallucigenic design. Long&rsquos treatment of surfaces shows a successful pursuit of a new way of understanding design which is evident in his cardigans. Comfortable sportswear designs show a thoughtful choice in fabric and work to feature special effects exploiting textures and surreal designs with visual graphic details. Such creativity is rarely if at all seen and Long is successful in putting his individual stamp on this season&rsquos winter collection, combining colors and designs for an extra sense of dynamism.

White leather coats with a toile-effect base and graphic designs transform your clothing item into a painter&rsquos canvas in fashion design, dark black wool and leather mixed trousers complete the look. Stitch effects, graphic and mechanical stitched designs create an intriguing look. Sky blue, padded items with baggy surface materials are the latest offereings in this designer&rsquos coats and high-end sportswear. Navy combined with black graphics proves to be the dynamic that gives this winter collection 2014-2015 a new lease of energy that can be possessed by all.