Phillip K. Smith III



Between the Earth and the Stars Reflection Field by Phillip K. Smith III

American artist Phillip K. Smith III&rsquos latest project constitutes a bedazzling spectacle in visual art. The installation &ndash Smith&rsquos biggest lighting project yet &ndash hit the Coachella Festival this year.

Set in Calafornia&rsquos legendary Indio Valley, the site of some incredible scenery, the art piece was conceived as a means of honoring the surrounding location by reflecting its natural beauty.

Standing 18 metres tall and stretching 17 metres wide, the monumental installation is composed of five components constructed from mirrors and lighting. In day light, the piece reflects the surroundings, whilst at night, becomes a system of illuminated towers. Reflection Field asks viewers to contemplate and revisit their ideas on optical illusions, by creating a link between the earth and the sky in a way never previously seen.

Mirrors, led lighting and electronics are all that are needed by the artist in order to provide an artwork that gently carries the festival from day to night.

This has been the biggest piece by Smith, both in terms of scale and audience numbers. The installation will have been viewed by over 200 000 festival goers this year.

&ldquoReflection Field&rdquo is composed of five stand-alone structures made of lighting and mirrors. The monumental structures that make up its composition have some of the features of the artist&rsquos previous lighting effects.

The giant, upright blocks of mirror and light stand independent of one another, positioned in relation to one-another in an area of around 100 meter square. The piece succeeds in highlighting the surrounding crowds, the ground, the prism of the sky and the lush green environment of the surrounding area.

The piece, which has a luminous quality during the day, transforms at night into a great reflective lighting show.

Color, light, space and form. Smith, who previously experimented with color theory, optical illusions conceptionconceptions, scale and technology in his work &ldquoLucid Steel&rdquo, has experiemented with these ideas yet again in his latest masterpiece, and the result has been incredible &ndash a veritable prologue on interactivity.

As &ldquoReflection Field&rdquo stands on display, Smith&rsquos other concept works &ndash &ldquoLucid Stead&rdquo and &ldquoLight-works&rdquo are on display in Lancaster&rsquos Museum of Art and History, both representing the same the-mes of his latest work in alternative forms.