Victor Enrich



Playing with Architecture in 3D and Digital

Victor Enrich is an artist and photographer living in Barcelona whose latest project he describes as beyong exaggeration. Enrich is currently in the German capital trying to reform a building in Munich through the magic of digital editing &ndash in eighty-eight different styles!

Enrich, who is vehemently against all that is static and unchanging, loved surreal city designs during his childhood, and this lead to the natural step of going to studying architecture as a young man. However, reality and location shots, he considered as restrictions. Thus, it wasn&rsquot long before he decided to create the surrealist and virtual architecture that was the mainstay of his thoughts and ideas, and decided the best way to represent it was through digital technology.

Enrich has made surrealism in architecture famous in the arts arena. He destroys and recreates various locations around the world, adapting and twisting them to form an alternative vision of reality.

Enrich&rsquos latest project is on show in Berlin, showing 88 different edits of a building in Munich. Enrich, whose work is entitled NHDK, says the exhibit is &ldquoan exaggeration of all [his] previous work&rdquo.

The project goes against the artist&rsquos previous works, however, in the sense that it is being presented in video format &ndash in the hope of helping the viewer attach meaning. Enrich&rsquos selected works have come to the attention of many critics, having been recognized for their striking relationship between capacity, positioning and disregard for age &ndash major components of all his works.