Karim Rashid / The child prodigy of design



&ldquoEvery object must be completely recyclable so there is nothing left to bin. Generations aren&rsquot required to use objects in the same forms. If this were the case, the concept of antiquity would not have been formed. And I can&rsquot stand antiques.&rdquo With this, we see Karim Rashid&rsquos mentality completely.

Karim Rashid is known as among his contempo-raries as having the most production output, with well over three thousand designs so far, and in turn, having received over three hundred awards from having had a career that has seen him bring his creativity to over forty nations and become one of the unmistakable greats in the field.

He has personally designed luxurious items for Christofle, Alessi and Veuve Clicquot Umbra, and prepared more popular products for Bobble and 3M furniture for Bonaldo and Vondom overseen lighting designs for Artemide and Fabbian brands even cutting edge technological designs for Asus and Samsung floor designs for Marburg and Abet Laminati he has been the force behind Citibank and Sony Ericsson&rsquos branding and has prepared signature packages for names as big as Kenzo, Hugo Boss, Paris Baguette, Method.

Rashid&rsquos ideas have a broad range from products to interior designs. His designs have even been exhibited in galleries and he has received awards from Red Dot, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design, I.D. Design Annual Design Review and IDSA Industrial Design Excellence. The designers work can e ven be seen on TV sets and popular television series.

He has also been involved in the publication of books such as 2001&rsquos ?I Want To Change To world&rdquo and 2004&rsquos &ldquoEvolution&rdquo. Having worked successfully with a Turkish brand, n 2005 he won the Deseign Plus award. Rashid lives in America from where he continues to create eye-catching new products.