Arik Levy / Talented across disciplines



In the words of Arik Levy, &ldquoInnovation is a impulse that can&rsquot be controlled&rdquo. Born in 1963, Levy has talents that span many disciplines.  Artist, photographer, designer and film producer, Levy has been known as a jack of all artistic trades. His works and exhibits have been displayed all over the world&rsquos most prestigious galleries.

Having put his talents towards countless sculp-tures and installations, he comments that despite a life time of work, essentially, &ldquothe world is nothing to do with objects, it is people&rdquo. After designing products in Japan for a short time, he returned to Europe to create sets for contempo-rary dance and opera productions.

The talent has won global acclaim also, for his furniture and lighting designs, combining his creative flair with the technology of the Far East to create clothing and accessories. Born in Israel, it was after Levy first displayed his sculpture exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1988 that he moved to Europe where he still works from a studio in Paris.

The last period of his career has seen Levy see himself become somewhat more of an artist inspired by &lsquoemotion&rsquo.  Levy&rsquos work inspires whether placed indoor or out. His public works possess functionality but generally in encompass an adaptability with their surrounding environments. Levy states that &ldquoLife is not as it seems&rdquo, rather &ldquoa system of signs and symbols&rdquo.