Aye Birsel / International Design Guru



Aye Birsel, labels herself a kind of demolition and construction worker. The central essence of her work lies in purity, empathy andsustainability. She calls the pursuit to achieve this in her work a process of individual destruction and building a new, deconstructing the rules we have made ourselves and trying to solve the problems they bring with an intuitive, logical and intelligent creation is a crucial part of the process. These are the principles that this designer lives by.

Birsel, who has given courses and instruction in various places, has exhibitions on permanent display in the Modern Arts Museum and Cooper Hewitt National Design. She has received nume-rous awards including the American Industrial Designers Union Award and the IDEA Gold. She also has a permanent exhibition in MOMA.

She has put her hand to a range of projects out-side the regular bounds of the industry, including designing Tom Cruise&rsquos desk in the film &ldquoMinority Report&rdquo.

Birsel is someone who opposes the typical traits of the industry. For her, design is something selfish, she says, she does it simply because she loves it.

Although innovation may be the end product of her designs, it is not the ultimate goal.

&ldquoRegarding innovation, being too comfortable can have you end up producing a lot of rubbish&rdquo she comments. For this reason, Birsel constantly asks &ldquowhy?&rdquo and &ldquowhy not?&rdquo Working together with others creates a kind of synergy which can be very integral in bringing new ideas to design.

She thinks that designers are harming their creativity when they work separately without the judgment of outsider observers.