A photographer whose carrier started while he was studying architecture&hellip The result is for sure highly arty and exciting.

In one of his interviews, Palma says that Facebook, Instagram and Flickr are posing a serious challenge to professional photographers and changing the way architects work. "Everyone is becoming an expert in image-making, which makes things more challenging but at the same time exciting for photographers."

He was born in 1974, Oxford, Great Britain. He studied at the Architectural Association (AA) in London to then start his career as a photographer focused primarily on architecture and urban landscapes. And now his works can be seen in titles such as Monocle, Wire, The New York Times, Domus and Architectural Digest.

He started doing little shorts the minute he went digital with the Canon 5D in 2010 and almost by surprise realized that the camera had a video option. Palma said the rapid shift to digital has enabled increasing numbers of architects and designers to self-publish and edit visual representations of their work, which is in turn affecting the work they produce.

"The main shift in photography and other creative fields is not so much how the production of images is becoming easier and cheaper, which in itself is a massive change, but the ability that everyone has now to self-publish with Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and so on," said Palma, 40. He claims that many people are becoming editors of how their own work or personal experiences are shared, and that is feeding back into the work and life in general.

Palma, whose clients include Serpentine Gallery Pavillion architect Smiljan Radic and other rising stars from South America like Pezo von Ellrichausen and Adamo-Faiden, said that digital platforms were accelerating a change in attitude towards photography and the consumption of imagery.

Palma&rsquos latest video is a super cut of some of his best film shots from the past four years &ndash including images from the New World Symphony by Frank Gehry, a Solo House by Pezo von Ellrichausen, Clifftop House Maui by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti and Orquideorama by Plan B + JPRCR.

by Sila Güven