&ldquoMy personal life has to be sacrificed&rdquo 
It was only a number of years ago that bloggers who wanted to get exclusive access to the world&rsquos fashion weeks had to compete viciously with one another to get squeezed onto the limited guest quota. Nowadays, they receive personal invites from the events themselves. Amongst the many fashion bloggers around one very special name sticks out &ndash someone who has been personally invited to shows by legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Bryan Grey-Yambao began writing his blog at the age of seventeen, whilst living with his family in their home in the Philippines. The idea came to him to start writing a blog about world fashion. After a matter of time, he went on to receive awards by prestigious names in publishing, including the New York Post, no less, for having created the best blog. Marc Jacobs took inspiration from him to design his BB (BryanBoy &ndash after Bryan&rsquos eponymously named blog). The people at Giorgio Armani gifted him their personally-designed mobile before anyone else.

For him, fashion is a way of life, if not a profession, now. He follows countless fashion weeks all over the world, known by the print media as the bloggers favourite. On his blog, he has interviewed many celebrities and big names in fashion and among his sponsors on the site are to be found Shopbop.com, Alexander Wanf and Selfridges.com. Interestingly, he has no desire to be a lead in fashion. Now, the world&rsquos best loved blogger talks to Climber B.C. in an exclusive interview.

What made you want to start your own website?
I originally started my blog 9 years ago as a travel journal. I traveled to Moscow Russia for a vacation and didn&rsquot know anyone there. I thought I&rsquod make a blog to communicate with people and friends back home. When I returned home my readers grew from 30-800 a day so I started to blog about what I did on a day-to-day basis. 

What was your life like before BRYANBOY.COM?
At 23 years old, I was a young, freelance web designer. My life was pretty much spent working online. I&rsquoll never forget spending about 14-16 hours a day, in front of my computer in my bedroom in the Philippines. Needless to say, my life is much different now. I now live in New York City and constantly traveling around the world attending events.

What is the biggest misconception about BRYANBOY?
The biggest misconception is that my life is completely glamorous.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into my image. My personal life has to be sacrificed because of my job. Most of my readers only care about the images of me that they see on social media which is far different from what goes on behind the scenes.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising.
Really nothing because my life is an open book online. I tell it like it is, I am very opinionated and therefore nothing should be surprising.

What role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion obviously plays a big role, but it&rsquos not the be all and end all. Fashion and clothes are part of my business model. I love it but at the same time, I don&rsquot think about it constantly.

What was your first fashion experience?
When I was 9 or 10 years old reading my mom&rsquos magazines. I would often bring them to school and fantasize about the beautiful things I would see and the beautiful people featured in them and I would wish I was part of it all. Magazines brought me into this world of make-believe and it&rsquos a beautiful world.

What would you advise the younger generation of bloggers to keep in mind?
It&rsquos very important to have a unique point of view and develop your own voice. Everything has to have context and narrative. Don&rsquot just put pictures of yourself online just for the sake of doing it. They have to be part of a story.

Can you talk a little about BRYANBOY&rsquos mission?
I don&rsquot really have a mission because everything is organic. I started my blog, not because I wanted to be a famous blogger, or sit front row I started so that I could tell stories and share my experiences to my readers. So many bloggers start a blog simply to be famous, which is sad.

What is your creative process like when you begin a new project?
There is no creative &ldquoprocess&rdquo because again, everything has to be organic. There isn&rsquot anything specific that inspires me. What inspires me comes from within things just happen. The more I overthink something, the less inclined I feel to do it.

In your opinion what is the must have piece for this season?
The must-have piece for this season is definitely a strong statement sweater.

What&rsquos your favorite trend of the season?
My favorite trend of the season is the 90&rsquos minimalism.

What piece are you wearing a lot right now and why?
Balenciaga cut-out boots. I use them all the time! They look great with literally everything that I own. Definitely money well-spent.

What&rsquos next on your list to buy?
Next on my to-buy list is the Celine Fall 2013 turtleneck sweater in blue, and a gold Rolex, oh how I wish!

How much vintage do you use in daily life?
None, I&rsquom not really a huge fan of vintage clothes. I have to be honest. It works for some people and I respect that and I appreciate people who do - it&rsquos  a different niche, but personally, it&rsquos not for me. I LOVE the smell of new things.

I do, however, recycle my clothes. Just because something I own is a few seasons old, it doesn&rsquot mean I should stop wearing them. I love wearing clothes over and over again, regardless of the time I bought it.

I think it&rsquos important to buy very few but buy the best you can afford.

Who are some of your favorite all time models and for what reason?
Gisele, she is the first billion-dollar model, and the last true supermodel.
Natasha Poly because of her amazing walk.
Naomi Campbell&hellip A true icon.

What is next?
I don&rsquot plan what&rsquos next and what&rsquos new. Watch out and follow me, anything can happen!