Living In Front of Cameras: Nicholas Hoult

Managing to grab the limelight in a short career that began with a simple TV series with a privileged place in the big screen, the cute child from &ldquoAbout A Boy,&rdquo turned insensitive youth in &ldquoSkins,&rdquo and seductive young man in &ldquoA Single Man,&rdquo Nicholas Hoult is a role-model who has been followed by many people with admiration.

Nicholas Caradoc Hoult was born on December 7, 1989 in Workingham, Berkshire as the third child of a piano teacher mother and a pilot father. It would not be exaggeration to say that his transformation from childhood into adulthood happened in front of cameras.

From TV Series to Cinema

Involved in many television series such as &ldquoCasualty&rdquo, &ldquoSilent Witness&rdquo, &ldquoThe Bill&rdquo, &ldquoMagic Grandad&rdquo, &ldquoHolby City&rdquo, &ldquoDoctors&rdquo, &ldquoWaking The Dead&rdquo and &ldquoMurder In Mind,&rdquo British actor achieved international popularity with the popular romantic comedy &ldquoAbout A Boy&rdquo directed by Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz. He shared the lead roles with Hugh Grant, playing the role of a disturbed school child struggling to fit in at school, and managed to win recognition with his performance. The movie became a commercial hit from the critical perspective shortly after and was listed by the American Film Institute as one of the top 10 films of the year.

After &ldquoAbout A Boy&rdquo film, in 2005, he appeared in the big screen with &ldquoThe Weather Man,&rdquo which is the first American-made film that he starred. In this drama directed by Gore Verbinski, he played the rebellious son of a weatherman who was on the verge of suffering a midlife crisis. Hoult appeared in front of cameras this time with veteran actor Nicholas Cage.

Bad Boy of Skins

Hoult became a young man after a few years. He had the chance to take part in a series called &ldquoSkins&rdquo that continued with a revolving door of characters for seven seasons in the British Channel 7 and was quite controversial and provocative. &ldquoTony Stonem&rdquo role, which made a tremendous impact in a series relating the splashy lives of a group of British adolescents, has become an important step in the name of witnessing the transformation of a child star into a serious actor. Extending the mass of his fan base in his role as rigid and insensitive Tony, Hoult decided to pursue his career in cinema after leaving the series following two successful seasons.

Tom Ford&rsquos Favorite

When his path crossed with the unusual child of fashion Tom Ford, perhaps he left the door ajar to a different type of fame. Sitting in the director&rsquos chair with the movie &ldquoA Single Man,&rdquo produced in 2009, which was adapted into cinema from Christopher Isherwood&rsquos novel published in 1964 under the same name, Ford made an impressive collaboration with the British actor. Hoult, appearing in front of cameras with Colin Firth, remained on the agenda after the movie and he, this time, appeared as the face of Tom Ford sunglasses.

Hoult, managing to become one of the brightest young stars of Hollywood &ndash with his sophisticated air and versatility, and has become one of the actors in the big-budget mythological story in 2010, accompanied by Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson in the production called Clash of the Titans.

From Mad Max to X-Men

He managed to find a place to himself in the cast of an eye-catching movie series in 2011. Personifying a powerful mutant called &ldquoBeast&rdquo in the production called &ldquoX-Men: First Class,&rdquo the successful actor managed to make a major contribution to his international fame with this role.

Hoult, having awards and award nominations with his various roles, finally appeared &ldquoJack The Giant Slayer&rdquo produced in 2013. He will appear to take our breath away with movies called &ldquoMad Max: Fury Road&rdquo and &ldquoX-Men: Days of Future Past&rdquo that are among the most anticipated movies of 2014.