A full-time story of Fashion

In inspite of his young age Kubilay Sakarya catched on hit position among bloggers of Turkey. Attentive to his readers, he likes to prepare unusual photosessions, publications about style are very popular. He says  &ldquoMake your style by yourself&rdquo. Actually it is not far from full-time job. We had an opportunity to hear the story about the Fashion adventures coming from Kubilay.

How was began your story?

From childhood to dress was pleasure for me. As a matter of fact my mother&rsquos style impressed and inspired me. One day sitting in front of my computer and drinking my coffee I met world of bloggers and from this moment I made aware for my interest in fashion. I decided to share my ideas with my readers in blog named &ldquoLoves From Fashion&rdquo.  I study in Bilkent university at&ldquoThe Internal Architecture and Environment Design&rdquo faculty as well. I think that this education will help me with design and fashion in future.

What is the role of your blog in your life?

If at the begining I was regarding my blog as hobby then now it became my occupation. Every moment of my life I have in my mind ideas and projects associated with my blog. When number of your readers is growing your responsibility is growing as well. Now when I don&rsquot write for a long time I think about my readers, about their displeasure and start to prepare a publication immediately. Now &ldquoLoves From Fashion&rdquo for me is the blog which always with me and identical with my name. I love it! (Laugh)

You speaks about man Fashion like a cheerful job. Which way should choose the beginers?

The first task of my publications is to amuse a reader. That&rsquos why I like to show unusual, different and cheerful works in my projects. . To the beginers I can say like this: even if at the begining will be hard, make your publications unusual and make it by yourself. If you will use your own photos and your own minds you can find more sincere language. It is reasonably safe to suggest that quality pictures, smooth language and constancy are most important factors for a blog&rsquos success.

What are you think about the point which the blogeer&rsquos world reached?

To be a blogger is occupation for foreign people who make it professional. A full-time job. Brands understand this and so we have very good works and very successful bloggers. In this situation many bloggers can get fame not just in their country but world wide as well. Also in our country many people know bloggers and we can to set up a cheerful collaboration. So i find this point very good. And I hope in the future will be better and we will be able to be successful bloggers in the world.

Seeing the world examples, what we don&rsquot have in our country?

Some bloggers in the world wake this work very professional. And we publish even mobile phone pictures in our blogs. They make wonderful photosessions with serious team and camera, collaborate with brands. They seek this job. In Turkey, of course, there are bloggers who work like this, who give to work the same attention. But is necessary to increase their number and work quality. Is necessary to increase demand for us.

What about social networks?

Besides my Fashion blog &ldquoLoves From Fashion&rdquo I also effective use social networks. When I don&rsquot busy with my blog I share moments in Instagram and Twitter. Who want to follow can find me by the name @KubilaySakarya. With my Facebook fan-page you can connect by the name&ldquoLoves From Fashion&rdquo.

This is not far from full-time job. How you organize your workday?

If you take blogging as a serious work it is becoming like a full-time job. Besides the blog I edit a national magazine and work as a style consultant in a studio so my days are full of content and pass in a hurry. When I can find time for blogging at first I prepare all, then I arrange publications by a certain succession. Very important is to keep the publications right and with the same quality.

What about people ask most of all in the conversations about fashion?

I really attache importance to my readers. Their thoughts and ideas are very important for me. Mainly readers ask about season trends and I say &ldquoMake your trend by yourself&rdquo. I really decide that to have your own style is much more important than to be in the Fashion and I say it to my readers at every opportunity.

How you describe Turkish fashion?

Turkish Fashion takes better place from year to year. Many designers such as Atıl Kutoğlu and Dilek Hanif introduse our country to the best advantage. In addition, shows of such a succsessful designers as Gamze Saraçoğlu and Özgür Masur at Istanbul Fashion Week is a big achievement for Turkey. Closing my eyes I can say about Turkish Fashion: &ldquoclassic and modern&rdquo.

I think that you got acquainted with Climber B.C. brand. What can you say about the line of brand?

I really like very much the line of Climber B.C. brand. İt is number one for person who like to look sportive and chic and the same time. Especially jeans, that&rsquos me all over!

What is next in turn?

Next in turn is a lot of projects. I waiting for their realization and working for it. Following years I will move forward step by step and work a lot. I want to signature better projects and to make of &ldquoLoves From Fashion&rdquo a brand of full value.