A dark musical back beat which blends the best of old and new, brought to life with 80s new-wave undertones. Among Canada&rsquos many important musical gifts to the world, the most recent offering is Trust, who  came into being as a side project of Austra yet who have now achieved a notoriety which far surpasses the original project. To best describe the group&rsquos vibe, it pays to notice how one of the group&rsquos founders Robert Alfons&rsquo put it &rdquoEmotional Dance&rdquo.

The incredibly talented Maya Postepski and genius of new age synth-pop, Robert Alfons are the brains behind Trust. The group&rsquos sound features fading, dark lyrics, backed with heavy keyboards and a mesh of electonica sounds.

Alfons and Postepski, who met through mutual friends in Toronto, Canada, started writing songs on their own and come together sometimes to work on them informally. However, when the meet-ups became more and more frequent it was then that Trust was born, despite the Postepski&rsquos main project, her first love, Austra, still very much continuing.

A group with a sexy, fantastic, exciting and fecund sound like this is tough to find. So how have they come to success? Alfons offers this explanation.

&rdquoI don&rsquot want to speak for Maya, but on a technical level, or on the subject of sampling tracks, I can&rsquot say I&rsquom a genius by any stretch. However the nieve and pure pop she mentioned definitely has an effect on me. I can listen to wicked music, or music that fascinates me, with an unperturbed bliss. I&rsquom a big fan of people who write heart-break music like Nick Drake and Brian Eno. These kind of people have made the most unbelievable and incredible music I have ever heard. We just go over the style and coat it with electronic music elements. This is what my work process is like and it seems like a good way to go.&rdquo

Their first album was released in 2012. The release, &ldquoTRST&rdquo would later find itself to be one of the best albums of the year. The great tragedy is that its greatness was only recognized in 2013. Songs like &ldquoShoom&rdquo, &ldquoThe Last Dregs&rdquo, &ldquoThis Ready Flesh&rdquo, &ldquoSulk&rdquo and &ldquoChrissy E&rdquo have received cult acclaim, representing a timeless electronic music with emotion at their heart..

It was quite surprising that the album would contain so many hits. Many were overcome by the morphine-addled lyrics and hypnotic aura. Trust was clearly in another class of musicians. Alfons used to consider Trust&rsquos music to be best defined as sexual, but he adds that

&ldquoIt is more about sexual tension and it takes this kind of approach &ndash without going too much into it &ndash it&rsquos actually very difficult to talk about sex or a sexual subject like this&rdquo.

Alfons, who started making music in his childhood, never ceases to confess his love for the pop songs his older sister and aunt used to play from decades ago and talk about how much they influenced him. He always reminisces about the days he spent playing hockey and listening to pop music. These songs recall crying on the dance floor, with emotional, almost diva-esque vocals drumming the emotions further in.

And of course, the story doesn&rsquot stop with the music. Many were pleasantly curious by the photos included in the album sleeve. Alfons took this photo in a club one night. He describes the subjects feelings at that moment. Alfons was impacted by the drag queen&rsquos hopeless expression and mysterious face.

&ldquoThere were people who hated her all around her. They thought she was scary. But conversely to a lot of people, I really loved her presence&rdquo

TRST&rsquos effects on music continue to spread like a wave. Right now, TRUST are back in the studio to make their second album. Alfons Joyland is signaling that the band are going on a new path in all sense vocally, instrumentally and technically, Alfons says that they are prepared to take a risk, demonstrating the range of things they want to do with their sound and the potential they have.

So what kind of hits will &ldquoJoyland&rdquo bring? With &ldquoSlightly Floating&rdquo, we see the way TRUST revels in slow, dramatic openings. &ldquoGeryon&rdquo begins to shake things up. &ldquoIcabod&rdquo, &ldquoRescue, Mister&rdquo and &ldquoCapitol&rdquo however, truly represent the spirit of the album. Once again, however, the sound is rather dark deep like the ocean and dark like entering a cave. For those who are excited to see the vocal changes Alfons has implemented and developed, it is worth checking out &ldquoLost Souls / Eelings&rdquo, &ldquoPeer Pressure&rdquo and especially, &ldquoBarely&rdquo.

Alfons goes into great detail about his desire to send listeners of the new album right up to the stars in awe and wonder whilst experiencing the new material. It&rsquos now time to hold your thoughts and stop listening to what you have heard of the album, let go and experience the emotion.