Only 21 years old but promising to be a great hope for the music industry, her song is called &ldquoEverything is Embarrassing&rdquo and has been celebrated as one of the best songs of 2012 by publication media such as Pitchfork, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Spin, and Fact.  She is the shining star of new generation: Sky Ferreira.

The young musician, whose full-name is Sky Tony Ferreira, was born in Los Angeles on July 8, 1992. Ferreira, who does not fail to escape from the attention of the world of fashion with her extraordinary beauty and childlike innocence, perhaps owes her unique aura to her roots, being of Indian, Portuguese and Brazilian origin.

Sky&rsquos acquaintance with music dates back to her childhood years. During her childhood, she became one of the contradictory sounds of the church. She was singing the Bible-inspired songs. The effect of these exercises on her musical background cannot be denied. But, it is, most importantly, her connections with the king of pop. Ferreira&rsquos family is the family friend of the legendary Michael Jackson. And she stated the following in an interview with BBC Radio 1:

&ldquoWe were like friends with Michael Jackson. I was born, grew up around him and I always saw him.&rdquo

This strong relationship, no doubt, represents the first birth pangs in Sky&rsquos career. Having tight bonds with such a source of inspiration is ultimately, not something everyone can have. The famous star, while defining her style, stresses that she was also influenced by Madonna, Emma Bunton, Prince, Blondie, Elton John, David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Meja, Lil' Kim, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Alice Cooper, Nancy Sinatra and The Runaways. Most people prefer to call her a &ldquomore angelic, younger version of Madonna.&rdquo

Deciding to improve her voice at the age of thirteen, the beautiful star acts upon it and starts to take opera lessons. The rest came in rapid succession. Times went by, and Sky took one of her most important steps. She begins to share the demo versions of variety of the songs she wrote on Myspace. Shortly before entering the age of fifteen, she began to draw the attention of famous producers Bloodshy & Avant. Sky&rsquos charm influenced the producers before long and they all wanted to work with her.

By July 2009, she started to work with Parlophone music production company. In 2010, she was again brought to the agenda with her Jenny role in the move &ldquoPutty Hill.&rdquo In the meantime, her wild-innocent image reflected by lenses is still on the agenda of world fashion. &ldquoJalouse&rdquo magazine decides to place her to the cover page of its June 2010 issue. Then, she gets the chance to be in several magazines such as &ldquoDazed & Confused&rdquo, &ldquoInterview&rdquo, &ldquoL&rsquoOfficiel&rdquo and &ldquoPurple.&rdquo In the meantime, she does not stand idly and continues preparations for her first album.

In 2011, she released her songs called &ldquo17&rdquo, &ldquoOne&rdquo and &ldquoObsession&rdquo as singles. Sky, being quite pleased with the interest shown to her music, then succeeds in becoming the face of Calvin Klein brand. Not being satisfied with this. She appeared in front of the camera for the Adidas brand together with Snopp Dogg and Big Sean.

In October 2011, she said that she was still working on an album called &ldquoI&rsquom Not Alright&rdquo and she would give no place to electro-pop style songs in this album. In the meantime, her source of inspiration has been one of the groups that marked a period was called Blondie. As a matter of fact, it is quite natural to see this effect on the songs. Among the names that she worked with in the album were Jon Brion, Shirley Manson and Greg Kurstin.

On January 23, 2012, she said she had changed the name of the album as &ldquoWild at Heart.&rdquo And the first songs finally began to come to the surface. &ldquoSwamp Girl&rdquo and &ldquo24 Hours&rdquo became the songs that best describe the character of the album.

On March 2, 2012, she released the most electro-pop style song in the album called &ldquoLost in My Bedroom.&rdquo She released her song &ldquoRed Lips&rdquo immediately after. The video of the song was directed by her close friend Terry Richardson whose studio she often visited. And the name of the album changed again: &ldquoI&rsquom Not Alright&rdquo.

Releasing the most popular maxi singles such as &ldquoAs If!&rdquo (2011), &ldquoGhost&rdquo (2012) and &ldquoEverything Is Embarrassing&rdquo (2013), among the most popular songs of Sky are &ldquoOne&rdquo (2010), &ldquoObsession&rdquo (2010), &ldquoSex Rules&rdquo (2011), &ldquoRed Lips&rdquo(2012), and &ldquoEverything Is Embarrassing&rdquo (2012).  In addition, successful singer also made headlines with covers she made to the songs of names such as Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey.

Shooting 8 music videos so far, Sky worked with names such as Cass Bird, Rankin, Marc Klasfeld, Terry Richardson and Grant Singer in these clips. Winking to the big screen, Sky starred in productions such as &ldquoPutty Hill&rdquo (2010), &ldquoThe Green Inferno&rdquo (2013) and finally in &ldquoIRL&rdquo (2013).