For every type of tie comes a ton of ways to tie it. If you&rsquore still relying on cheesy clip-on ties or those amateur YouTube tutorials, please stop! It&rsquos time to tighten those loose-collars, right? Here is every knot you&rsquoll ever need to know.

Skinny on width

You want some skinny tie? Think about you figure! The width of your tie should be in proportion to your frame and shoulder breadth. And your jacket lapels should cover about half the distance to the shoulder and your tie should be about the same width as your lapels.

Set the bar

It should be simple minimal and silver. Wear it at the sternum just below the chest. Make sure it&rsquos never wider than your tie. Pull the top part of the tie up a little create a subtle bow above the tie bar adding depth.

Oh! The distance


The tip of the tie should hit the vertical midpoint of the waistband.