STYLE UP FW15/16 All The Way

All our collections are prepared in order to demonstrate something that stands out aesthetically. The surfaces and textures are procured using unique methods. Exciting linings, with armur designs with enticing textures are featured on all our items,   crafted to slim fit that retains comfort and flexibility. Meanwhile the color palette of the season is one of character and individuality.
Monochromatic simplicity. Chic and high quality details. Each item gives the wearer a different sense of character and place, with a unique sense of style formed out of every combination available.
The features on our items this season align with our latest new approach to design, a combination of styles that evoke a classic look. For our business-wear, for instance, armur is the preferred material with white lining and navy, cobalt forming the color scheme against a minimalist cut.
With the woolen jackets, we suggest a light colored thin-collar shirt with matching marmur designs. A skinny tie with a subtle designs or this knitted armur  bowtie transform the outfit. The key to the design is the dual combination in color and form.
Silver, shiny metal and colorful glass cufflinks, along with shiny leather shoes in navy or blue/black ornamented with precise   and striking motifs using laser technology.
Navy, cobalt blue leather belts with metal buckles. A chic, sophisticated and and elegant touch.
Special to the 2016 winter season. Navy with red features, these woolen V-neck cardigans are minimalist and plain, and work well with a white shirt and red, red-navy or white silk ties for a splash of extra dynamism.
White cotton, cotton-satin mixed and cotton-polyamide shirts cut to fit with modern collar designs render the wearer chic in simplicity. The same color combinations are available in wool and wool-silk scarves with a modern twist owing to the wide square patterns. The silver metal cufflinks add a striking twist.
Warm, positive tones are the ideal choice for weekend wear, giving off a difference character, especially various warm shades of green.
Brown suede/leather boots and shoes with stylish soles. Cotton shirts featuring slight tartan patterns using micro stitching. Silk and woolen scarves with traditional designs give off a classic look and radiate with weekend-appropriate chic.
The season&rsquos best and coolest footwear comes in various colors and cuts with the most notable new feature being the thicker soles. This is part of a trend for a funner, livelier approach &ndash fit for taking a more positive outlook on life. All shoes are crafted from specially designed leather.
The crafted woolen jackets come in dozens of alternatives. The dark lined jackets, with fine tartan effect stitching patterns gain something extra when combined with corresponding shoe selections.
Modern, innovative, positive. Plain cotton white shirts in blue, petrol or turquoise colors are available.
For the 2015 &ndash 2016 winter season, CLIMBER B.C. JEANS presents a denim range that featured warm and vibrant colors for a more personal and approachable look. The first thing that should strike you about the denim shirt range is its modern and neo-classical approach, not to mention the vivifying effect of the indigo, orange and brown color scheme.
The tanned leather boots and suede and nubuck black leather belt fits the burgundy, brown and orangey-brown palette perfectly. A denim shirt is available in the same tones, along with denim pants stitched with the same orange stitching along the contours. The accessory that tops off this particular group is the knitted tie featuring detailed details sewn in navy, as well as a careful choice in matching belt and footwear.
The ideal choices for wrapping up against the cold whilst retaining the flavor of the outfit has to be an addition of a dark brown leather jacket, or coat made using deep navy microfibers. A carbon/dark gray woolen overcoat can also be a good preference in order to capture the warm colors of the rest of the high quality, aesthetic and practical outfit.
And in winter, a nice thin indigo cardigan is a stylish and chic choice. Geometric designs and rectangle shapes form the foundation of this aesthetic with cotton stitched winter cardigans specially designed for the 2015 - 2016 winter season, featuring a washed effect look or softer touch, all designed in harmony with the color range of the season. For those who are a fan of all things vintage, the sweaters are a perfect fit over the range of shirts available in this season&rsquos range.
Again, brown and burgundy-brown leather boots are a choice item for a finishing touch, along with leather laced belt. These leather belts, available in brown and navy, have been designed with this group in mind and so form the best harmony.
The collar contours feature red for a more casual kind of sophistication in design and the look is completed with Original Fit, Regular cut, or slim fit trousers and Carrot form, each showing a variety of alternatives.
Burgundy-brown, shiny and rough denim boots bring a sense of old country and western to the modern day &ndash almost a contemporary reconstruction bridging fashion styles across time and space and designed with masterful attention to detail.
Dimension, multimotifs, monochrome, indigo, patchworks, applications, solid, details.
This look combines every one of these trendy styles, methods and buzzwords into one palatable design. A blue bleach-effect denim shirt is nothing short of a timeless addition to anyone&rsquos wardrobe, with stitching, print features and stylized form.
V-neck cotton cardigan with strong design features and a monochromatic color scale updated for the season. Finally, CLIMBER B.C. JEANS&rsquo range of pants gives off an effortlessly youthful exuberance, with handmade    patchwork features and deep tone- on-tone additions only increasing the effect of this.
The washed effect applied to the trousers, with varying light and shaded features gives off a more artistic feel. The Carrot and Original Fit forms as well as washed effect in a range of color options is special to this season.
We are braced for the return this winter of the shiny black denim look. With special washed-effect material and chic details, the item represents the season&rsquos most accessible item of choice. Original Fit and Slim Fit cuts are recommended for black denim, with multiple woolen, acrylic and cotton stitched cardigans. Cardigans in black and gray possess a certain style a dynamism when set against black denim jeans.
Combining leather and suede and contrasting matt and shiny are a suitable pair of sports shoes with metal details and trendy white soles.
The black leather belt with nickel and dark silver buckles are another new item featured this season. CLIMBER B.C. JEANS features its signature indigo and navy color scheme, along with other designs in black and gray tones for a timeless high quality and high class this season.
Black is elegant, another alternative.
This season wool, acrylic and cotton cardigans with block stripes of color are all the rage. Neo-classic gray cardigan designs in hair latticed motifs and horizontal black lines create a unique look. In this outfit, black denim jeans cut to slim fit are recommended, with uniquely plain and minimal back pocket and belt holes. Emboss printed shiny black leather belt with dark silver metal buckle elevates the stylishness of the entire look as well as the denim design.
One of the winter season&rsquos most eye-catching footwear items. Designed to incorporate suede and leather for a striking aesthetic which refuses to compromise on comfort and timeless quality, the black totality of the pair,      including the sole, is offset by dirtied contours.
CLIMBER B.C. SHOES designs give each clothing item something individual.
CLIMBER B.C. BLACK is the latest sub brand on the label.
Youth, style and pure black are the three principles it follows. In fact it could be said that the brand uses black as a mood rather than a strict color code. Form and shape take the place of color in the priorities of this range. This is the result of focusing on a fashion sense that reflects the personal identity of a fashion lover.
Thin white shirts featuring stylized strip prints, buttoned collar and slim fit. The  creative collar forms and shoulder details create a   brand new style.
Skinny and Super Skinny Fit choices owe their comfort to the use of lycra and special cotton. Black Denim Philosophy approach involves using bleaching in the design process for fashion which appeals to the new generation. Shiny black leather boots and footwear include precise details. The black leather belts have metal accessories and buckle holes for a metallic surface. The Black Style, Slim and Skinny look items are designed to give off an unrelenting youthful spirit. Monochromatic, cool and assertive.
A number of special knitted effect wool-acrylic stitched sweaters are available in gray, silver and light silver. The various eclectic items include thick V-necks special collared satin shirts. The preferred cut for black denim here is Skinny. The footwear has thick soles and a rustic theme. Suede and shiny leather with contrasting aesthetic for a quality feel. The range focuses around a gray color scheme with a thin leather belt as no exception.
Urban, assertive, simple and stylish, representing a new kind of leisure wear and a new fashion code to apply to life.
Form and shape take the place of color in the priorities of this range. This is the result of focusing on a fashion sense that reflects the personal identity of a fashion lover.
Skinny and Super Skinny Fit choices are available in lycra and special cotton for extra comfort. The surfaces featured have a Leather Look, Crash Effect and Low Rise form fit for the new generation. A Sexy Iconic approach has been applied at the design phase.
Thin white shirts featuring stylized strip prints, buttoned collar and slim fit, creative collar forms and shoulder details create a brand new style.
The shiny black boots and detail-oriented designer shoes can&rsquot miss a mention regarding this range. Black leather belts with metal attachments and buckle holes give the item a metallic look.
This range features a whole set of alternative jackets designed in special black-washed leather. Symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns override slim fit cuts and feature carbon shaded metal zips, antique-effect and washed-look leather materials. The sleeve plackets have metal zips for a unique appearance.
A white print design shirt goes great with this look, as well as a thin cardigan in carbon, coal or black from the knitwear range. Matching footwear finishes off the look, owing with a crash style of plain shoes or boots. Black belts in leather with metal features are a great addition in harmonious black and high in comfort. Each design and combination gives off a different type of look individual to the wearer.
Burgundy shoes in specialized leather from CLIMBER B.C. are where comfort and style meet. The items contain classic motifs and designs and carry a certain effortless style. Wool and silk ties have been designed to work with the season&rsquos shirt and cardigan choices for an extra sense of dynamism. The optic cross lined stitching patterns that we know and love create a warm harmony.
CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos winter 2016 season accessories give off a brand new form of chic style and sophistication.
These dozens of many new accessories breathe life into any of our clothing combinations and form something new.
Lest we not warn you though, these little toys and extras will create a stylish look that will have you hooked.