Custom designs prepared by the choice of dark    and deep colors and reviewed identities by the    most preferred new combination insights of the seasonal collections. A new movement initiated by different and special brands relating to redefinition and coded identity. A strong, tasteful, simple and sleek interpretation.
Emotional and romantic approach brings a different strength to the design of the new winter collection period. Velvet jackets, mohair, wool and cashmere, special tweed and weaving are preferential option for jackets and coats. Casual and tight alternatives in pants. And voluminous designs bring the feeling of winter with warm harmony.
This special range, designed with a romantic flair, carries the deep, selected color scheme of the rest of the winter season.
Slim fit pants and drainpipes that end at the ankle. The tartan and light pin-striped patterns trousers that pair with a shirt demonstrate the flavor of the collection at once. The comfortable form of the designs available in the shirt collection is highlighted by the matching aesthetic of pants. The most significant final touch to add is one of the collection&rsquos many overcoats and jackets. Fur texture, velvet, single-button, monopeto-singles, the choice is yours, with the preference of color being deep, night-perfect tones. Dark navy and gray are the foremost options in terms of shading. If you want to go that extra mile then you could do a lot worse than to match the outfit with this shiny, reflective footwear and a belt cut of the same leather with a metallic buckle.
This range is made up of natural colors that put a strong emphasis on green and dark teal.
Cotton textures and all-encompassing forms make up the jackets and overcoats. Regular fit trousers with strong textures, thick knitted cardigans and sweaters in matching tones (plus berets in matching stitching). Especially designed for the 2016 winter season, an emotional, almost lyrical outfit &ndash essential for travelers, with masculine details and a plain, no-fuss approach. The jackets integrate military details and stitching in the cut, including shoulder padding and wide pockets, hooding and natural buttons. The whole combination follows a very natural, outdoor theme, while the additions of a leather bag and shoes &ndash especially in matching brown &ndash make it adaptable and practical businesswear.
The range takes a whole new angle on the use of gray.
The woolen outfits are cut in slim-fit form, and are the best demonstration of designer items with a fun, seasonal quality. The jacket comes in single-buttoned and single-monopeto style. Plain white, light silver, gray or fine pin-striped cotton/satin shirts carry a minimal and modern charm Thanks to their middle-to-light color range, the garments represent the most accessible items in the collection. Silk ties are recommended to have a touch of orange and burgundy for the full effect, bringing a full sense of dynamism to the outfit when set against gray and white. Speaking of dynamism, the socks and shiny leather shoes in classic style and textured leather add a strong amount of classiness to the whole affair. In this, the orange and brown stitching is fully complicite.
Anthrasite is the term used for the truly magical coal-like color that holds the key to this collection. Magical realism breathed into an outfit.
Single-button, single-monopeto jackets with regular fit pants. Flannel and cashmere wool materials form the basis of the mat textures of these plain, minimal and short caban-jackets that complete the look along with anthrasite-burgundy-brown antique-shiny leather shoes with special hand-stitching. As for the ties, a pink-burgundy, silk number is in order, adding depth to the darker background shades of the outfit. The result is a trendy, stylish and high-class combination of strong charcoal and romantic reds.
The special winter-perfect cardigans are emblazoned with great geometric designs that prefer a monochromatic color palette. Gray, anthracite, black and white combine. These knitted sweaters lead the way in alternative winter wear. Some items feature more complicated geometric patterns made up of lines, squares and triangles. The comfortable sweaters with long, layered collars are a step forward in design. The long, black jackets and overcoats featured in the range are available in single-monopeto style, in wool and cashmere, making it appropriate, protective &ndash yet, comfy - winterwear. Plain black, woolen slim fit trousers are suggested, with the shiny leather shoes completing the look while adding flair to an otherwise strong mat outfit.
This season, comfort is the key to these black wool-acrylic cardigans.
The reglan-sleeve knitwear features plain diagonal and classic motifs. The deep black fisherman style knitted sweater is eye-catching, while relief-knitted motifs have an equally bold presence. Layered, long collars give a neo-classical feel to the item, completed with double edge trousers. While a black cardigan completes the palette set by the gray and dark gray, the black leather boots with white contoured soles in a neo-classic design give the whole outfit a sporty and every-day feel. Colorful and fine tartan designs can give the look a completely different feel. So, those who want warmth and comfort in the winter or just love outfits that stick to the black-gray-white palette, this range is a must-have chic, unique, plain, bold and contemporary.