Design Team Brand Spring Summer 2016




We have pooled our minds and resources into a new project. Our goal has always been to present you with collection after collection of unique, fun, and leisurely items that capture the character of the season and as such, we always seek a balance in range with our various themes, looks and sub brands with each item giving off a chic, high-class elegance, whilst remaining comfortable and ergonomic in detail.


The concept and source of inspiration for the season is ARTITUDE, a concept that fuses our aesthetic and attitude in detail, color and overall style. We began this summer collection by focusing on designing comfortable and dynamic pieces of clothing. We worked painstakingly on the colors and details of the various artworks and print designs to give the slogans, graphics and collages an added impact. We started to work on our items as an artist works on a canvas and the result is that the way we have expressed ourselves is more symbolic


CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos designs bring together Business, Celebrity, and Smart Business details and Weekend wear and with each season, we edge closer to a more intimate position at the heart of global fashion. Ultrafine wool, linen, and cotton are treated to the colors of the season and stitched into single or double-button monopeto jackets that work as part of a suit featuring very detailed fine tartan patterns, and special textures in navy, grey, black, and blue.

The movements and design of the armure jackets have a stunning effect, as do the range of fabrics and colors that have gone into the summer 2016 season in general. Pants and short trousers are available in slim fit and regular form cut from cotton, wool and linen with a plain but chic design. The shirts are woven and later given meaning with mercerized print designs full of life and color. The graphic designs are both masculine and minimal. Mint, sky blue, beige and sand with added splashes of grey and green.

The optic designs, bold colors, marine features, and fun and accessible items featured in the range are given a boost in class when worn with a choice of tile and armure summer ties.


The most impressive designs in this group are by far the shoes. This season we have compiled together a broad range of intricately detailed footwear. The inspiring range makes use of all available nuances in leather, nubuck and colorful suede shoes in comfortable and chic style and tones we have never before used such as white and ice blue, misty silver-grey, beige, tobacco and sand, mint and sky blue.

Silk handkerchiefs, skinny leather belts with elegantly detailed metal buckles. Woven belts, in black and saxe tones, tricolored belts cut in slim stripes of leather, are matched in dynamism only by matching shoes.





The 2016 ARTITUDE summer collection&rsquos most legitimately exciting offering is its denim range. This is the sector in which we have by far the longest experience, with the best application of details and the ability to stamp our mark prominently over the items. Apart from just the quality of coloring, the items are made to be comfortable and fun to wear, cut with a mix of thin and standard layers of denim. CLIMBER B.C. JEANS have something different to say.


CLIMBER B.C&rsquos Weekend trousers, available in Original, Slim, Skinny and Carrot fit, display a youthful quality in design. Blue, green, indigo, black and graphite washes with leather accessories and metallic details stir a different passion in our denim items. We played around with many of the lining details in this collection, so be prepared for a surprise when checking out the inner lining.


The t-shirts have a washed effect with printed geometric and graphic designs young, colorful and masculine. We&rsquove never had so many denim shirts on offer &ndash all replete with various individual details. Petrol, indigo, blue and greyish tones form the main palette. As part of the ARTITUDE concept, much work went into making the graphics. The shoes, leather belts, designer shirts, floral prints, micro optic designs all contribute to one of the year&rsquos most exciting ranges.




The current collection also sees the exciting continuation of CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos BLACK range, the second of its kind. The graphics feature flamingos and other birdlife on print, with effects on the trousers and chic grey and white shirts. BLACK is a tone that indicates style and high-fashion sense at its heart. AVANTGARDE, SEDUCER, NARCISSIST, HIGH SELF-ESTEEM, DARK, MONOCHROMATIC, EFFECTIVE, DESIGN SIGNED, SUBTLE DETAILED, NEO-MASCULINE, HYPER ENERGIC.


Slim and fit cuts. Monochrome palette. A leather coat or jacket over skinny black denim pants with a plain white shirt holds the key to this look and demonstrates that this brand is all about the details &ndash not too much, but meaningful, plain but stylish. A sense of fashion that put the self at the center and enjoys living the high class life.


COMMUNITY, is a range for those who seek to live in harmony with others. The world of CLIMBER B.C. BLACK is for those who seek to wear clothing full of geometric forms and cuts. The designs and artwork are intricate in detail. The collection stars with black, white and grey minimal tartan woolen trousers that take their cues from the DANDYISM theme.


A &lsquoB&rsquo logo with black and white stitching looks bold against the shiny surfaced, washed effect trousers with destroyed details in our BLACK JEANS collection. Our brand emphasizes Skinny, Super Skinny, Slim Fit cuts that highlight the slender look, as you can see from the t-shirt and shirts, split into two groups. The &lsquocelebrity&rsquo look holds up all that is chic and shiny, whereas &lsquoneo-street style&rsquo talks innovation and urban vibe, and is characterized by the washed effect.


The unisex cardigans verge on the masculine side of the spectrum, but can be worn by all. The collars and form awake the urge for high fashion in the BLACK range, which is dominated by a namesake uses of black and darker shades. The choice is tough, but no matter what look you go for in the ARTITUDE collection, CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos combinations are a practically a fashion festival.