World Fashion Menswear SS16




CLIMBER B.C. invites you to experience a unique conception of color in its 2016 summer collection the &ldquoSmart Business&rdquo and &ldquoWeekend&rdquo sub ranges display veneer and comfort for a decisive fashion statement. Stylish in form and class. Wool made of the finest quality, and choice selections of cotton and linen fabrics give the classic jacket-trouser duo a new lease of life. But even on its own, the jacket works perfectly when set against any number of trouser options chosen according to the wearer&rsquos own personal taste. Grey, navy, blue, dark blue, graphite and white surface jackets or double lined alternatives. The options are endless.


Straight and wide jackets look chic and modern in tartan, eye-catching and perfect for the summer. Light tartan stitched silver grey, cobalt, royal and sky blue items that go perfectly well with beige and ice blue. Merserized t-shirs beautifully textured with jacquard and armure surfaces for the ultimate effect. Summer cardigans are available in white, turquoise and mint. And that&rsquos not all. This summer collection features a range of accessories more extensive than usual, in line with the ARTITUDE theme.

The tie range includes a selection of marine themed colors and shades and a penchant for intricate designs in microfibers. There are silk and woven styles in skinny and standard forms. Natural shades of green, blue, mint, turquoise, grey, navy, and pink and purple inform the range of ties and handkerchiefs available. The latter are cut from the finest silks, with eclectic, print designs that pump character into your summer wardrobe.


Shirts in white, cotton, satin and lycra, all feature minute details with mother of pearl and metal buttons. The range features light tartan, contoured, square and pinstripe variations with print and armure to boot. Small cuffed, thin collar shirts add to finishing touch. Digital prints with ethnic designs are tempered by the harmony created by blue and turquoise on a white background.

CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos shoe range is in a league of its own, but it still shows the  ARTITUDE concept in its attitude and style. Rugan brown print or mat vegetal leather in natural tones and colors form the base of the shoes, with linen touch material and leather suede and nubuk combinations. Rather chic designs with the most detail you can buy. Never before seen aesthetic in special colors and sole combinations like the black shoes with white soles.


The CLIMBER B.C. 2016 summer season t-shirts display limitless comfort and style. The graphic designs, inspired by our theme of the season, know few bounds and feature geometric shapes and collage prints in two groups monochrome and color. The group embodies contrast, with white, royal blue, navy and pink shades of lycra and cotton seeming to work together. Geometric and masculine. Comfortable and elegant in form for a leisurely addition to your summer wardrobe.





A new trend is developing in the fashion of the new world that we like to think of as encompassed in BLACK. Minimal, finding balance within the monochrome, and in a form that reawakens instinctual touch. Leather jackets, washed effect leather and denim mixs. White shirts with impacting prints, straight from a celebrity magazine. Slim cuts and skinny forms. Accessories that mix metal black mat leather.


With our &lsquoBirds Story&rsquo themed grouping in particular, we take wings and flight as our point of inspiration in the details sewn into our shirts. Shirt collars and printed designs with slim features, cotton satin, and lycra &ndash striking and chic. There are thin surfaced black denim trousers with contour color stitching. Graphite and carbon items with rather inventive details also feature, with the skinny and slim form white shirts making effortless finishing touches.  A number of jackets and jacket combinations feature in  washed leather which is soft to the touch. Leather and shiny shoes with white soles and casual, sporty laces, represent the finishing touch to the classic white-shirt-black-pants look. Bag designs cut from a plethora of leather, metal chain accessories and dark mat, metal buckles and special designs in black mat. The monochromatic nature of all these designs makes them bold, imposing, and superior.

Mat black jacket cut from specialized leather with grey supreme t-shirt and metallic print design effect. Black skinny cut jeans that put metal accessories to the fore. Leather bag designs that carry effortless chic  make an impact with their grey and black palette in the summer 2016 collection. CLIMBER B.C. BLACK, harmonizes a soft, peaceful aesthetic with street appeal. Young, sophisticated, and dynamic.


The washed effects on the trousers are artistic in temperament and capture a slim, neo-gothic aesthetic. A passion for white, navy, and blue. Blue, slight tartan stitch trouser designs that reflect the Birds Story theme superbly set against a plain white shirt harmonious, like a blue bird in flight. The lyrical print designs on the shirt make it stand out from the ordinary. Lycra-cotton, with poplin texture, sophisticated cut and minimal forms of white shirt. Casual footware in various styles and color codes such as black, navy and electric blue, platform soles with thick white cuts. The purple-navy cotton trousers have been shaped for slim fit using state of the art design techniques.

CLIMBER B.C. BLACK possesses rock star attitude. For those who love the glamor, the stage, and the ideal shapes, combos and styles. Tens of outfits for the fashionistas. Dark and deep in tone. Dark in places, but always drawing from the elite, glamorous world of celebrity!