&ldquoMens Sana in Corpore Sano&rdquo

When checking out the items available in our Summer 2016 collection, one is struck by a particular elegance and attitude oozing from their esign. Creative Director, Filippo Scuffi&rsquos own  DAKS range, displays a cut unmatched in its individuality, combining modern, urban-aristocratic chic with a high-class, yet casual flair.  

With its exciting but informal charm, DAKS caught the attention of male fashionistas at the Milan Fashion Week, who found the woven trousers and gym shoes to be a winning formula at no expense to class. The themes range from gym to golf and evening party ware. And chic has never been so comfortable. This is made possible owing to the precision in form and design. Standard plain forms as well as special geometric cuts and details, woven and textured surfaces are created using elasticated fabrics and special stitching, polished off with warm colors and tones for a striking look. Stretch materials, shorts cut from leather, short trousers, and plain or patchwork trouser items all cut with comfort in mind are available as part of the knitwear range. For an especially relaxed summer wardrobe, there are also an ideal range of leather-collar sweatshirts and t-shirts, sleeveless tops and vests. 

Beige, sand and stone colors mix with earthen, natural tones, infusing blues, shades of grey-blue and balancing touches of purple, yellow saffron. The mix of familiar colors and attention-grabbing style creates an interesting combination.  

Travel and sports bags are again plain, simple and high class in style. The year&rsquos summer sweaters are turned into artistic geometric designs with shapes in purple, brown, blue, yellow and grey. The end result is a modern, almost Scandinavian look. Soft shoes and sneakers cut from special leather (worn sockless, of course) make great summer footwear in beige, sandy brown and grey tones. 

Yellow finds new meaning in the DAKS collection. Filippo Scuffi has designed leather jackets, coats, shorts and bags with plenty of splashes of yellow and saffron tonnage in the summer 2016 collection, as a natural symbol of positivity in life.

The DAKS 2016 summer collection also features a different shade of blue, a worn effect mixing with grey almost. When combined with brown on coats and jackets the effect is obvious. And there are grey combinations from the start. The modern and urban jackets also feature strong and bold contours, with transparent and raindrop features. This is urban look with an approachable charm. To sum it up, DAKS combinations add something new to the summer &ndash a new definition of chic, with no frivolity, no hyperbole and no discomfort, just real. This is the voice of a sound mind, give your body a voice to match!