For summer 2016 we present you with an innovative range that redefines the concept of casual elegance in style. The collection is unique in form, color and print designs and was showcased in the first days of the Milan Fashion Week with a great on-stage show that took influence from the 1980s New York musical style.


The HOGAN collection is most striking in its use of stripes. The style and attitude of the collection made it one of this year&rsquos Milan Fashion Week&rsquos best loved displays. Simon Holloway, the brains behind the collection, presented a range that took casual elegance to new heights. Lined jacket and trouser ensembles feature prominently, along with black-based print shirts and sports-sole shoes in black leather that give pinstripe suits a modern and casual urban flavor. Suits in various depths of navy are designed with exciting and chic rugan collars &ndash an unexpected surprise. 

Plain white lyrca trousers are comfortable in form and minimal in design. The slim, white poplin shirts in print are available in short and cuffed sleeves and feature familiar pocket and collar designs. The finishing touch comes with silver leather sports shoes.


The collection shows serious elements of dynamism in the special stitching of the soft satin pajama trousers, red socks, sports and formal footwear, as well as zip up coats and jackets with microfiber surfaces, all available with colors and accessories that reflect a fun and exciting season. A chic silhouette is formed with delicate touches, to capture the spirit of the summer of 2016, replete with references borrowed from 1980s New York.

One of the most accessible combinations in the collection is the short black trousers and socks with graphic designs. White leather sports shoes with harmonizing graphic sock designs and matching bag, monochrome and two tone, and leather coats in black with a white collar inlay. The range also introduces white jackets with horizontal black stripes. Each combination looks fresh and makes a strong statement. The graphics have been designed with top expertise and painstaking attention to detail.

Another range features modern clothing with military colors and shading &ndash a mesh of khaki, black, and dark green, with fun visual designs and block color prints. Wool t-shirts, cut-off pants and inner layers, go great with knitted trousers and socks. The black socks with a single white line add the finishing touch when worn with neo-camouflage design sports shoes.

The long, comfortable trousers are another specialty in this range. Deep side pockets have never looked so good. Digitally designed prints with geometrical patterns, leather bag and shiny black leather sports shoes. Safari style multi-pocketed jackets and coats with special techno print designs and natural colors, with comfortable, regular fit, black trousers and a white shirt make quite an impression. Khaki black bags and white shirts add a finishing touch to any outfit &ndash along with the chic and suave black boots.






The difference with the summer 2016 HOGAN collection is the dynamism and youthful charm found in its unique black-yellow color scheme. Sleeveless tops, shirts and t-shirt details. Freehand techniques have been employed in the striped print graphics. The hand-designed black base of the items is set against a bold yellow contrast. Black skinny jeans are plain and simple in form. And in the matching sports shoes the color theme continues with printed color blocks with small details that allude to the musical theme &ndash bringing a unique, new and modern style to the urban street.


One of the most eye catching designs in this group is no doubt the gym bag. The graphic details of the item are made to contrast with those on the outfit in a predominant black and white.

A sweatshirt, rather than cardigan, goes great when paired with skinny jeans. And this youthful, dynamic look makes masterful use of a limited palette of black, white and grey. The digital designs are applied to print via a spray gun technique thus giving it a greater sense of perspective. The surreal, geometric nature of the artwork gives the whole outfit a modern charm.




The designs featured in this HOGAN range were applied with a fun, &lsquoallover&rsquo feel, starting with the micro-detailed outfits.  The pajamas in the group are by far the most far-out in expressing this look and feel in the range. Light colored jackets with wide, short trousers cut from the same cloth. White-backed T-shirts are covered in freehand scrawlings in blue.


Blue is the color of choice for socks, set against the white of the sports shoes. This time the brief case is smaller in size, which succeeds in giving the outfit a more modern, fun and balanced look. The white double-layered trouser-jacket combinations are given the pop-art design treatment for elegance and flair, and look extra dynamic set against blue leather sports shoes. In another example of using the potential of blue, the leather jacket with black trousers and narrow shoes form an outfit that reflects the harmony of techno and sky tonnage.