The Trussardi 2016 Collection is a unique expression of the coming summer season.  The crew of twenty-three actors, models, and artists, have all come together to display their range in a special performance at the the Braidense National Library. Gaia Trussardi, is the talent behind an incredibly striking, and unforgettable performance dedicated to people with a passion for fashion and the fun side of style. Actually, perhaps passion isn&rsquot the word. It is better described as the special kind of fashion sense that conceptualizes something far beyond the outward face of fashion it&rsquos more a feeling about life, changing your perception of style. This is a work that aims toward bonding passion for life with a unique sense of aesthetic.


The balance of the Trussardi collection, found between modern forms and stripped-back, understated features, is the unique formula Trussardi aims for in every season. This time the expression of this balance took place in the Braidense National Library located in Brera Pinacoteca, in a new installation that best exemplifies the brand&rsquos their understated cool. In a sense, Gaia Trussardi has developed her understanding of design, gradually acquiring more experimental and unique aesthetics, in the same way that an artist matures their style through constant experimentation. Her group, made up of 23 actors, models, and artists is motley crew, and thus stresses the unique aesthetic of each member in its choreography. 

Their expert designs combine Italian hand stitching and experience with American style and more plain and effortless details. A blend of quality, character, and style completed by a modernist and contemporary style. Trussardi, isn&rsquot experimental for the sake of it, however: This really is their unique style, and it works in that their brand of unique can be applied to your life. It has a perfectly gauged sense of balance. It transfers itself effortlessly into your wardrobe. Real and permanent.


Every item is vetted vigorously, but nothing appears to be in solid form.  There is modesty in the choice of color and fabric, and evidence of a great deal of high technology in its sophistry. The material choices are shocking. And you can see the marks of technology on every item. 3D effects, neoprene surfaces, special baggy fabrics, light textures. Lightly wrinkled and relaxed forms. Comfort driven pants. Grey and micro tartan stitching patterns. Two piece suits, woven top designs, and sport shoes, with choices of boots that add dynamism to any outfit. All are designed in light, comfortable material with mat colors and casual chic. 

Leather jackets in light and soft colors. Summer cardigans appear in beige and sandy tones with trousers to complete in pastel tones &ndash light blue, beige and crème. Suede boots and a light brown travel bag are indispensable items in this group.


A black denim trench coat detailed with red buttons. And summer cardigans get a revamp with black denim features. Black soft leather jackets, with hoods with raglan sleeves, contrast with light pant forms in linen and woven fabric, balancing soft and chic. The 2016 season also has a range of black boots, lined grey and black combinations of knitted cardigans with graphic visuals. Mat whites, grey and black. Beige and sandy tones. Reddish brown. All encapsulate the charm of an old library.