Fashion Film Festivali ISTANBUL 2015





The Culture Department, having previously experimented with art-cinema projects and events, now contributes to an entire festival&rsquos worth. This year, over a course of two days between 29 &ndash 29 November, various independent designers and directors from all over the world will share their works and ideas through film showings, talks and parties at the Zorlu Performance Art Center. The festival, sponsored by CLIMBER B. C and a number of designer names, has expanded the city&rsquos creative space even further.


With independent designers from Turkey and around the world to contribute to a festival whose sponsors include some of the biggest brands and whose performers include giants of Hollwood such as Kirsten Dunst and Marillon Cotillard, to be completely free to the public, is something inspirational in itself.

Fashion film competition and prize for best director awarded


The festival also included an element of competition aimed at recognising the best contributions. The judges included big names in various aspects of the film and fashion industry, including fashion designers Damir Doma and Ümit Ünal, world famous contemporary artist Marie Vic, actor Belçim Bilgin, Elle Türkiye&rsquos publishing director Işın Görmüş, fashion blogger Meriç Küçük, PR Metin Gürsoy and BilSar CEO Selman Bilal.


As well as film showings, the festival included talks by designers Damir Doma, Ümit Ünal, Erkan Çoruh, Bahar Korçan, Çiğdem Akın, and Başak Tan founder of Berlin Fashion Film Festival Niccolo Montanari Serbia Fashion Week founder Svetlana Horvat and many more.

Another surprıse of the festıval was the presence of world famous contemporary artıst Marie Vic, with an inspired art film which gained her international acclaim in New York last March: Blowing Riccardo sees the head designer of Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci dispayed at various angles on 9 TV screens and finally finds its way to Turkey under the premise of this festival.


The festival founder and director Tuna Yılmaz emphasises that this is truly a global festival with a difference, by stating that &ldquoIstanbul is a place where power plays take place with leaders from all over the world, in every different field, and this festival marks a big step in 

that including power play in the world of fashion. The city now hosts a large number of consumers, bloggers and journalists from all over the world. It&rsquos now time to expand beyond the yearly catwalk shows and broaden the city&rsquos vision with a wider range of events&rdquo.



Within the last ten years it has become an established fact that the power "viral" fashion videos have on the way a collection is met cannot be underestimated. As a result, the links between fashion, art and film have become stronger than ever.

Considering cinema now established as an art in Turkey with a history spanning over a century behind it, the e  m of film classed as "video art" are still quite modest in number&hellip We are thus looking hard for a style and movement of visuals as a concept, industry and cultural form, which can Istanbul in a unique way.


The plush photography and free pdfs flooding the internet tend to express a certain je ne said quoi in design, highlighting the way that film gives fashion an extra aesthetic quality. The programme has been put together specifically to show this and to encourage critique and commentary as well as highlighting the current practises in this area.