XY GO Artitude 2016 Spring Summer




Between the Avenue Montaigne and Grand Palais lies La Maison Champs Élysées, a portrait of poetic luxury in grand old architectural design. The old hotel has been given new life thanks to the magical infusion of art and design virtuoso, Martin Margiela&rsquos provocative, almost aphrodisiac, spirit which has been applied from top to bottom of the interior. His concept doesn&rsquot take anything away from the composure of the hotel itself, and the classic striped-down details have a theatrical ambiance. The hotel makes you feel as though you are entering a place beyond time and space. The magnificent and stunning design makes this boutique hotel more than just a place to stay.



Photographer and director Alex Prager spends her life fliting between Los Angelis and New York. The much-lauded, award-winning American artist has made waves with a series of quite extraordinary and emotive photography and still insists on using analogue devices. Prager, who recreates Hollywood scenes from the 50s in her work, straddles the line between reality and fiction. As she puts it: &ldquoI love to dabble in selecting moments from life and giving them an artificial flavor. The visuals I make can be applied to any period from the past. Nostalgia harmonizes with joy and makes it seem more reliable.&rdquo This is why Prager thinks that cinema speaks to the world in a powerful way.



Spring Breakers makes one completely rethink Berlin. Imagine a dystopic version of E.T., with all the disturbing dream sequences of David Lynch&rsquos Lost Highway. The result will bring you something like Der Nachtmahr. This is a &ldquotechno-horror&rdquo film whose title (&ldquoNightmare&rdquo) was given by German director Akiz. Sonic Youth's legendary Kim Gordon plays the part of a literature professor. Gordon, who plays just one of the many parts in the film, also contributed to the score. One of the interesting aspects of this film is that it sometimes feels almost like a musical, but is full of striking sequences. First premiered to a crowd at the 40th Toronto International Film Festival, the cast includes Carolyn Genzkow, Sina Tkotsch, and Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht among others.



Vancouver&rsquos illustrator-cum-gift-to-global-sound Claire Boucher or rather, new wave pop star Grimes, is a unique voice in industrial sound who vaulted to stardom by joining Lana Del Rey on her 2015 &ldquoEndless Summer&rdquo tour. Grimes has been vaunted for her strong musical talent, but one thing is for sure: Her mix of goth-electronic, witch house, lo-fi, grave wave and even medieval music leave will leave a lasting impression. You could even cite bigger artists like Björk, Siouxsie and Enya as influences. 


Alt-rock superstar PJ Harvey&rsquos first book, &ldquoThe Hollow of the Hand&rdquo includes &ldquoThe Guest Room&rdquo, a poem by the British musician a reading of which featured in the New Yorker. The snaps contained in the book were taken by Harvey&rsquos photographer friend Seamus Murphy when the pair travelled to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington, on a number of small escapades between 2011-2014. The book&rsquos focal piece is Harvey&rsquos 8th studio album &ldquoLet England Shake&rdquo, the release of which marks the beginning of their journeys.  Harvey says of the book, &ldquoIt started off with me and my friend Seamus wanting to breathe the air of different countries, to see new people and start a project. I came up with the words, he the pictures&rdquo. This piece of work, a combination of artistic styles, is one of the year&rsquos must haves.



Soho&rsquos Inamo Restaurant brings food and technology together on the streets of London, and has caused a buzz in the world of gastronomy. The oriental restaurant-cum-bar takes influence from Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese cooking and manages to experiment with dishes between these unique indigenous styles. The ordering is done directly by the customers, who dial their orders into a touchpad to ensure the quickest service, with the menu projected boldly for all to see. The orders go straight from the interactive tabletops to the chef&rsquos kitchen. The surface designs and colors change as the meal is prepared. Later the restaurant turns into a bar and you can reserve a space like a cinema and at the end you can even order a taxi!