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Stay &ndash Splendid Palace Hotel


One would come here to forget someone or to reminisce something. But definitely not for nightly accommodation. Because this building has an extraordinary aura. If you want to discover it, you better recognize the Splendid Palace Hotel as a solid stop of your Istanbul Culture Trip. Because this place offers you something other than very comfortable rooms, quality and genial service. A magnificent melancholia which intercepts history with modern life. The Splendid Palace welcomes the visitors of Buyukada like a familiar face even from the pier with its silver domes and red shutters. It is not very difficult to imagine faces from the past when walking between the corridors of this hotel, where almost everything is preserved as its original.


The architecture of the Splendid Palace, one of the most impressive buildings of Buyukada, features considerable effects of the style of Art Nouveau. Bright and spacious inner court and naive columns are indicators of East-West synthesis in architectural design. Sakizli Kazim Pasa, a minister of the Ottoman Empire, decides to build a hotel at Buyukada where he spends his summers. Kaludi Laskaris Kalfa, one of the architectural masters of the period works at the construction of the building. Wooden construction with 74 rooms is completed after valuable efforts. The hotel&rsquos management is commended to three Armenian waiters from Tokatliyan Hotel named Dikran, Tavit and Onnik. These people name the hotel after the restaurant named &ldquoSplendid&rdquo at Galata, which they run at that time. And this magnificent name remains unchanged.


Private pieces of furniture which are preserved even today, are obtained from Ostro-Ottoman (Austria-Ottoman) furniture factory located in Istanbul. Some of the lounge suites and large objects are imported from Lyon and Europe. Finally, the Splendid Palace has started its services as one of the world-class hotels of its period, just like the Sumer Palace, the Pera Palace and the Tokatliyan Hotel. In short time, the Splendid Palace became one of the most popular escapade places of the city with its orchestra music, glorious balls, and jazz musicians. Diplomats, government men, artists become visitors of the hotel.

Splendid Hotel which one of the most magnificent hotels of its time, hosted many famous and historical individuals, during its history. There are many photos which witness history hanged at the winter garden of the hotel which often preferred by Ataturk in his Buyukada visits. The Hotel offers to its visitors the possibility of being at inside and the outside of the city. Bird whispers accompanied with phaeton clinks are leaked from the window. Even the voices of the ferry coming from the pier...  Broad stairs with red carpets, nostalgic elevator, squeaking wooden floor and nostalgic smell, which is able to be smelled from everywhere. You are considered very lucky if your room has a view of the sea. Because it would be necessary to make a reservation from days before. You open your eyes to the view of glittering Sea of Marmara. Perhaps you will want to have your first sip of Turkish tea on the balcony. Also, you can enjoy your quiet hotel while you are observing the turmoil at the pier. This impressive view is totally something else with the lights of night.


See / Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is one of the most important Japanese artists and one of the representatives of pop art, minimalist and feminist art movements. She was born in 1929 in Matsumoto. She was interested in art since she was a little kid, and was trained in Japanese painting art &ldquoNihonga&rdquo in Kyoto. Her works which defined herself began around 1950. Yayoi couldn&rsquot find what she expected from &ldquoNihonga&rdquo so she became concerned with American and European style &ldquoavant-garde&rdquo.


Kusama held her first art exhibition in 1952 and immigrated to the USA in 1957. In 1958, she began to create her series named &ldquoInfinity Nets&rdquo at New York. This series was exhibited in the USA and Europe. At Venice Biennial, she was accused of &ldquoInappropriate Performance&rdquo offense and exported because of selling mirror balls to the visitors. &ldquoHippie&rdquo movement in late 1960&rsquos took part in Kusama&rsquos art. Kusama, who once had got arrested at Tokyo due to &ldquoinappropriate behavior,&rdquo permanently moved back to Japan in 1973.

We don&rsquot know how much attention she had during the time when she was exhibiting art pieces which are in a long-span frame from sculpture to literature, but in the modern world, it makes you much more popular after you place one or two spots on an expensive bag. Her mini-exhibition at Louis Vitton stores created a tremendous impression. We experienced Kusama&rsquos art at prestigious art centers such as Whitney Museum of American art or Louisiana Museum located in Copenhagen. It is a great pleasure to examine her work. And also it is very entertaining.

Kusama, who has been living at a psychiatry clinic since 1977, represented Japan at the Venice Biennial in 1993. During the biennial, she handed out little pumpkins to the visitors in a costume. Kusama, who created more colorful works as of the early 2000&rsquos, continued to add new paintings to her series named &ldquoMy Eternal Soul&rdquo and she still contributes twinkles to modern art.


Listen &ndash Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy was born on July 20, 1989, in California. Her interest in rap music was undeniable at her childhood and puberty. Her father was the CFO of the Hustler Magazine and CEO of the Hustler Casino. She never gave up on rap music, even though she turned into an exotic dancer at the Seventh Veil Adult Club after denying the wealth of her family. She took place in the video of alternative singer Grimes &ldquoGenesis&rdquo with her passion. Later on, she took her first steps into rap music. Her first single &ldquoDas Me&rdquo was found interesting by rap music fans. Brooke became accustomed by everyone in a short time, even though her style and music was considered extraordinary.


She published her second single &ldquoEverybody Does&rdquo in the first days of 2013. Progress on her music is noticed by famous producers and artists. Such that the song became rap music fan&rsquos favorite. The Same year she published the singles, &ldquoI Wanna Fuck Right Now&rdquo. &ldquoPussy Make the Rules&rdquo and &ldquoDumb&rdquo. Brooke became really popular in a short time with her music and style. Even though she couldn&rsquot reach to a large portion of the community, she was recognized by many famous people. Thanks to her distinctive fashion sense, she was compared to Lady Gaga and Kesha.


Brooke&rsquos inspiration list features powerful individuals. Her biggest inspiration source is Lil Kim, who is always mentioned by Brooke at almost every interview that she made. She mentioned several times that she is also inspired by Missy Elliot, Da Brat and Nicki Minaj. A supporter of feminism. She likes to be called &ldquoFreaky Princess&rdquo. She became more famous after she posed for famous photographer Terry Richardson. She published her first smash hit which was her first EP &ldquoOpulence&rdquo in 2014. She collaborated with Sia who is one of the greatest figures in recent years.


Sia defines her as &ldquofeminista glam alien&rdquo and says: &ldquoHer video clip Everybody Does has over 1 million views and i couldn&rsquot believe her e-mail address was still there. I wrote her and said &lsquoHey, I am Sia and I write songs for pop singers. I want to write for you, I think you are amazing and please let me know who your manager is.&rsquo She replied back and told me that she didn&rsquot have a manager or a record deal, I was shocked.&rdquo


Her video clip Opulence was also highly debated. Famous producer and photographer Steve Klein was the producer of the video clip. She performed at Nicola Formichetti &lsquos fashion show for the promotion of the song which had many inspirations from the legendary movie &ldquoThe Naked Kiss&rdquo. This made everything easier. She became the face of the Diesel brand. And now she has a product contract for 2 years with MAC Cosmetics. In 2016, her musical endeavors carry the signs of her changing and empowered sound. Just like in the song &ldquoHappy Days&rdquo where she reveals the dark and depressing side of modern life. 


Read &ndash Tracey Emin &ndash Angel Without You                                                   

Cypriot-born English Tracey Emin is an artist who worked at international art markets and gained a reputation for her sensational works, and also had exhibitions in Istanbul in the 1990s. Feminist artist Emin, who treats her private life as an object of art, contributed to the artistic and philosophical aspects of the installation art, on the subjects such as the taboo of sexuality and privacy of private life.

Her world famous controversial art project debut &ldquoMy Bed&rdquo in 1998 was sold for 2.2 million Pounds at the auction in London. The bed is presented for sale by Charles Saatchi, who owns the most famous &ldquoSaatchi&rdquo art gallery of the city, and the bed found a buyer for a price twice the opening price of 1 million Pounds. Emin explained her artwork as &ldquoA reflection of tough times after emotional relationships.&rdquo In this work, empty vodka bottles, cigarette stubs and used condoms were spread around an untidy bed. This most famous piece of modern art represented the artist&rsquos heartbreak of that period through its messy and stained sheets.

After this short reminder, let's get to the point. Drawings and language of this bold and attractive catalog named &ldquoAngel Without You&rdquo catch the spiritual and impressive works of Tracey Emin through neon colors, and constitute the center of Tracey Emin&rsquos art. Artist gathers all her neon works using every kind of methods such as drawing, sculpture, arras, movies and paintings in this work. These pieces are entertaining, suspicious and challenging when considered individually, makes you think on the artist&rsquos linin symbolism.

If considered together, Emin&rsquos work explains the main idea of her bright, emotional themes to the reader. This successful catalogue includes essays from curator Bonnie Clearwater and artist/writer Gary Indiana besides 120 neon artworks by Emin. It is a unique work for your library and definitely a collectors&rsquo item.




50 best restaurants of the world have been awarded in a ceremony last week in New York. There was a rising brand at the top of the &ldquoThe Worlds 50 Best Restaurants&rdquo list: Osteria Francescana. The restaurant has 3 Michelin stars and belongs to the world famous chef Massimo Mottura. The Restaurant, which is located in Modena, at the same place where Ferrari was produced, adds a modern touch to the traditional Italian taste.

Bottura, one of the superstars of Modern Italian gastronomy, established his award-winning restaurant in Modena city center in 1995. Here, he presented traditional recipes with modern techniques. All he wanted was to represent the real taste of the Italian cuisine in a minimal and elegant way as possible. 16 years after Osteria Francescana was opened, the International Gastronomy Academy in Paris selected Massimo Botura as the &ldquoWorld&rsquos Best Chef&rdquo.

Bottura, who takes his ingredients to a journey, adds design and art to food. He is a man who is in love with his country and his cuisine. He says: &ldquoActually food is how you imagine it, your thoughts and your view of life.&rdquo In his own words, great ingredients whisper to him what he is capable of. He focuses on the taste and stands in homage to everything that he learns in a new perspective.

This wonderful experience is no longer an adventure just in Italy for people in Istanbul. Famous chef, established his first restaurant at the Zorlu Center in Istanbul as Eataly Istanbul. The new restaurant is named Ristorante Italia di Massimo Bottura and as you can guess it is also a fine-dining restaurant.

Osteria Francescana, taking its strength from local ingredients, has been providing its services for 20 years in the quiet backstreets of Modena. Francescana&rsquos must-eat food is lasagna. In Chef Bottura&rsquos restaurant, where every plate is a piece of art, an average bill for a meal is between 145-245 euros, including drinks.


New movie High Rise from Ben Wheatley the wonder kid of British Cinema, is based on the cult author J.G Ballard&rsquos novel. The movie featuring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss, Luke Evans and Stacy Martin is a sci-fi reflecting the dystopic feel of the 1970s where the story takes place. Our story is about a young doctor who lives a luxurious life in an isolated skyscraper.

This order, gladly accepted by the doctor, is ruined by a documentarian trying to prove the inequality at the skyscraper. The movie gained appreciation with the success of its production design, acting skills, restrained directing by Wheatley and ability to reflect Ballard&rsquos world.

 Ben Wheatley, who proved himself to the British motion picture scene, will probably be among the most critically-acclaimed people. Wheatley, who put a signature on different movies such &ldquoKill List&rdquo, &ldquoSightseers&rdquo and &ldquoA Field in England&rdquo, is considered as Kubrick&rsquos successor. That is exactly why the expectations were very high on High Rise and it wasn&rsquot easy to satisfy these expectations. Yet, Wheatley delivered an intense job, a crafty and masterful period movie.

Wheatley created a visually powerful world that has scenes with resemblances to Hieronymus Bosch paintings, with a perfectly built metaphor of the skyscraper which has an increasing level of social positions up with the skyscrapers height, where lower-class families with many children are in ground floors. The movie, which explains a perfect structure evolving into a dystopia from utopia, presents an envisagement of hell while emphatically placing the class conflicts at its core.

We have to agree that British Motion Picture&rsquos new superstar Tom Hiddlestone did a glorious job with his acting. Perhaps, Wheatley, who is working with such famous stars for the first time, didn&rsquot have to step back at the points where he had conflicts with the author&rsquos vision when creating his own world. This will be what will make him Kubrick.