Style UP Fall Winter 2017




2016 - 2017 KIŞ / MIGRATION


Colors, balances, styles and attitudes changing places. While the different aesthetic values of different combinations are being argued, we are witnessing a period that unites the mysticism and warm colors of the east with the plain aesthetic qualities we encounter more in the west and north. This period is more unique.


There are many variables. It is interesting that the new approaches shaped with an unfamiliar concept each seem as familiar to us as squares of photographs. A period in which the patterns, fabrics, weaves and forms of the past are not only combined with more care and simplicity but are also interpreted differently. A styling period.

Not the selections, but how the pieces are combined or what they are combined with indicate the definition of individual taste. We read the identity and taste analyses from these metamorphoses. Selective, unique, powerful references to the past, plain, high ability to explain identity expressions with an aesthetic manifestation, creative, practical and special.




The privileged state of being stylish and comfortable. This season we are again presented with plain designs prepared with amazing compatibility of color and action in the surfaces of different and special fabrics. In a sense we are talking about the masterful expressions of intricate details in this season.

Special fabrics, wool weaves and cotton feature surfaces for jacket, trouser and suit concepts, line and color alloys for thin ties and dobby shirts, leather shoes, leather belts, silk and wool scarves and kerchiefs, knitted designs, special sweaters and cardigans, sartorial featured jacket, vest and trouser designs, hand crafted details, monochrome and multi colored contrasts, reddish brown, stone and warm tones, all intermediary tones of beige, black and blue, indigo blue. Unending color stories and details that increase by touch. A masterful season 2016-2017.


BLACK, a calm dynamism. Matte and glossy combinations of black. Black jean pants with lycra, skinny form. Special gradual washed and soft touch white lycra shirt design. Thin collar, thin narrow form, narrow cuffs, shirts with dart and folding details. A print piece that refers to a primary , top and top group fashion concept with A print. Panel printed black and white contrasts. Black background lycra shirt and print work again in a contrasting color. A print design made up of words by Sylvia Plath. Matte leather, special black metal accessories narrow CLIMBER B.C. BLACK belts. The neo &ndash chic adaptation of matte and glossy leather combination sports form runner shoes. Special colored leather, black and saxe blue again in the linings present an aesthetic result with amazing color combinations.


CLIMBER B.C. BLACK an approach to the story of leather. Amazing match. Black leather, jeans and black cotton printed shirts. Leather and special accessories that combine leather and metal, thin leather belts. A combination in which all the nuances are black. A combination that becomes unlimited with the combinable aesthetic with the CLIMBER B.C. BLACK leather coat group and the upper limits of black. Local white printed lycra cotton fir pattern shirt. One of the designs we have presented to the new generation with a narrow fly, collar and cuff feature. A leather belt with silver chain metal accessories and metal points, sporty shoe options with black patent leather and leather combinations, skinny black jean pants and wide large form bags. A striking selection with the slim, skinny concept entirely black.


CLIMBER B.C. BLACK provides a different dynamism with special options. The most dynamic knit sweaters of the group are more prominent and more pictorial with the geometric and bulky knitting technique. Anthracite, wool, acrylic sweater. Elaston pants with wool and polymid combination again. Special design in cargo pocket and slim cargo form. The pant designs in which we captured a darker fashion spirit with herringbone knitting patterns and later piece dyed or dirty effect wash techniques.  A more street side equation with metal zippered pockets, narrow pant leg forms, antarist and dark brown tone options. A plain and minimal leather coat. With matte zippers again, washed and special matte effect and soft touch special leather coat option. CLIMBER B.C. BLACK BOOTS. This special textured and patterned shoes carry the season&rsquos most creative form and pattern concept. Comfortable, stylish and flexible.


CLIMBER B.C. BLACK redesigns the college fashion concept with a new design of simplicity using the special combination of gray, black and white. The sweater knit from wool, acrylic and boucle fiber is very plain and aesthetic with a gray mélange effect. The preference is to match it up with a white minimal BLACK shirt. Gray is the head character. Multi pocketed but plain and minimal wool slim pants are more flexible and mobile with the advantage of wool lycra. The pants are neo-vintage effective with the aesthetic double folded pant legs that end at the top of the shoes. A special combination for winter that is very compatible and useful with all of the leather accessories in the BLACK group.


CLIMBER B.C. BLACK presents different alternatives for this winter with the wool short jackets and coats. One of many coat pieces to be chosen to wear with all white lycra shirts or thin knit shirts. With a special short and fitting form it is quite attractive with the leather border combinations on the pocket flaps. The ability to combine with the woven wool pants is very suitable but there are also more creative options on offer with the alternatives here. With the jogger pants that have quite a few different options in the BLACK winter collection outfits are more striking with woven surface sporty options. Customized solutions can be created with the dual sports suits. This extremely comfortable, active and useful knit collection is a practical one of the season. Cotton / lycra option pants, knit surfaces and knit tops designed with the same material are indispensable.


While CLIMBER B.C. presents special options with different pattern and color combinations for this season, importance is placed on all the technical details. The collection makes the pattern characters with armure designed geometric signs special with dual color harmony. Beige, stone and black combinations on tops made with mercerized cotton weave technique, buttoned knit collar long sleeved stylish and semi-casual options are quite striking. The special details in black mono color and mono closure jackets bring fine lines. The preferred use of turquoise tones in colored thread for the collar markings is an important detail of the season. The accessories created with metallic threads, beige micro pattern pants, petrol-black dual color matte leather belts and black special design neo-classic shoes. Minimal collar, fitted form 100% cotton and lycra white shirts. The special pieces of the season.




The double breasted jackets designed with flannel and special wool weaves that are the positive combinations of the season are emphasized with many options. Actually blue is one of the alternative combinations. While CLIMBER B.C. brings a whole new and different stylishness to the business concept it still adds a continuation to the classics. Fine lined cotton satin shirts, writing and graphics presented with armure and jacquard techniques, minimal touch special weave shirts and buttoned or no button plain color alternatives for an indispensible stylishness. Special mother of pearl, cut glass, special stone and metallic cuff links compliment with alternative colors and patterns. Leather, travel type and functional bags and different touch with red maroon and petrol tones and the intersection of blue and gray in this group. Classical, masculine and new. The black wool knits and special wool printed handkerchief accessories are the fine nuances of detail. A special combination with character.



The warmest compliment of knits and shirt combinations in the season, one of the designs that emphasizes the CLIMBER B.C. season concept the most. Knit sweaters with red tones, indigo, navy and dark blue combined in different tones, micro patterned knits, special collar bands and again this group&rsquos buttoned collar shirts. Shirts with lycra and plain, armure or jacquard weave, lined and printed alternatives and the indispensables of special knits. Geometric patterns, vintage effects and special 60s designs, minimal and micro plaid designs, ties specially designed with wool and silk thread. The ties again have the duo of mysticism and richness in pattern and color of the east that extends to the western form. The ernk emphasis of this group in special shoe design is at the top. The special tone of reddish brown and green is combined with glossy, classical form and surfaced options. There are numerous jacket alternatives. Multi equations for the knit shirt, jacket and tie relation. Special mono closure, mono collar jackets with dark blue tones close to black provide to notch armure and patterned wool weave features.



Casual Chic, CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos essential approach. The casual alternatives for more calm and dynamic moments of Climber B.C. individuals with weekend concepts in a more stylish and selective identity. Denim designs prepared placing importance on the combination of style and comfort in custom fit forms and special moderate wash dose denim pants. Also in this group fit and comfort shirts with buttoned collars created with the oxford or panama weave technique combined with reddish brown beige and brown masculine toned lined and geometric active jackets. The combined color favored in the suede and nubuck belts are again a match with the jacket color option beige and moderate red tones. In addition to the shirt and jacket relation and in other aspects are the knit sweater options that compliment and emphasize with all petrol nuance denim pants. Each has knit pattern differences and special design details that stand out. Naturel buttons, petrol green, teal and dark blue options provide different nuances for personal combinations of amazing knit cardigans and sweaters. Presenting a collection that displays different textures, colors and new combinations with a migration concept.