Low Budget Superior Art Cinema:



Wars are more cruel and harsh than ever. People are preparing their own end. At this rate the number of those trying to resist with their art is not insignificant. Director and scenarist Zaza Urushadze, who was born in Georgia on October 30, 1965, presents the pain that was experienced in a geography that the world did not really want to see, in brilliant but plain language with a bitter depiction but served on a golden platter. Urushadze, who manages to convey a startling description with an ironic approach and take on a unique style of his own, looks like he will have the spotlight for many years to come.

Taking a share of the small budget set aside for the film sector in Georgia in 2013, Georgian scenarist and director Urushadze filmed his third full length film called &ldquoMandariinid&rdquo. Generally the film is a joint production of Georgia and Estonia. &ldquoMandariinid&rdquo was nominated for an Oscar in 2014 for the &ldquoBest Film in a Foreign Language&rdquo. In 2015 it was also nominated for a &ldquoGolden Globe&rdquo but could not beat the Russian &ldquoLeviathan&rdquo.

The setting presented with soft and warm colors, the frames that portray the coldness of a war in village life, the dialogues in short calm sentences&hellipAll of these features enable you to watch the 87 minute film with great enjoyment and without tiring.


In this film, for which an insufficient budget was provided in Georgia, Urushadze expertly emphasizes the film with Niko&rsquos language. Niko (Misha Meskhi) has joined the army unbeknownst to his mother when the war starts and is a Georgian solider who is a theatre in his civilian life. In the Georgia &ndash Abkhaz he is wounded by Chechen soldiers in a village in Abkhazia where Estonians live and the war has been going on for centuries and two Estonians, who stayed in the village that was abandoned by the locals Ivo (Lembit Ulfsak) and Margus (Elmo Nüganen) bring him to Ivo&rsquos house. In another room of the house lays Ahmed (Giorgi Nakashidze), a Chechen soldier fighting for Abkhazia who is less injured than Niko. The war motive shows itself in the relations between these two enemies.

Margus is a tangerine farmer, who has sent his family to live in Estonia while he stays behind for the harvesting season. When it comes time to pick the tangerines and he wants to be with his family he is in a panic and the only one who can help him in the village is Ivo. Ivo generally is not thinking of leaving the village and maintains his calm against the war that is gradually closing in on his village.

Ivo must protect the two enemies in his home from each other and in exchange for saving their lives he asks them to promise that they will not kill each other as long as they are in his home. On the first day in the house hatred is prevalent and arguments about national and historical issues take place but in the coming days the Georgian and Chechen start to recover and get used to each other. Thus the meaninglessness and futility of war starts to be understood in this house.

The film is striking with local elements. For example music! This audio feast which impresses you starting with the opening frame, is actually nothing more than the presentation of Estonian and Georgian music together. A great fan of classical music, Urushadze&rsquos favorite musicians are Mozart and Beethoven.

The tangerine fruit, which gives the film its name, is not just a fruit here but a product of symbolism that prepares the groundwork for discussions that create contrast. Urushadze responds to the arguments about this as follows:

?They are a symbol of peace and landing for me. Abkhazia is the land of tangerines, everybody in Georgia knows that the best tangerines come from there. And I really like the color of (them), which we decided to contrast to the bleakness of the war.&rdquo


Then what was this instinct to pursue this war story and to tell it? The Georgian director explains this as follows:

?First of all, the war is not the main focus in the film. It is rather an intimate drama about relationships between our characters, about maintaining their humanity in difficult situations. The war was extremely painful for us Georgians we lost many of our people, we lost our land&hellip I lost friends in the conflict&hellip All of this has affected me deeply and inspired me to make a film with an anti-war message. I&rsquom really against institutionalized slaughtering and believe in equality with no difference of nationality or religion.&rdquo

Despite the novel-like atmosphere of the film, the power of the moral dilemma it holds and a story that revolves around a few main characters the film surprised everyone, including the jury no doubt, with perfect theatrical performance. There is a definite quality here despite the low budget:


?I wanted to show that our characters are isolated from the world and everything is happening in a closed environment. My characters are sustained, and lonely on the edge of the world. Still, I believe that in cooperation with a talented DP, Rein Kotov, we were able to create quite a cinematic film.&rdquo


So what can be said of that taste of an American Western that you get a hint of from many aspects:


?I have to confess, I have been a great fan of Westerns, I just loved Sergio Leone&rsquos films. So, maybe somewhere deeply inside I am affected indeed. Still, I can&rsquot say that I was thinking about Westerns while creating the screenplay or directing the film.&rdquo


The sincerity of the film is present not in the story of the hero, like many of the war and history motif films it is considered close to, but in the revelation that no one is actually in the war as is described in Ivo&rsquos language. Ivo&rsquos home is accepted as a &ldquoneutral zone&rdquo where peace, humanism and equality reign in the middle of ethnic conflicts. This home, without political view or implication, without seeking a righteous or guilty party is an irony all its own against the Georgian Abkhazian war in 1992 and all political marches and land wars throughout the world.



A Last Name Can Only Take You So Far

Talented and Handsome Too: Scott Eastwood


The children of many Hollywood stars have taken their chances at acting. Some were burnt to the ground by critics while others tried to become a brand by hiding behind the power of a last name. A last name can only take you so far. Only a few of the successful ones managed to become memorable.

Scott, the son of Hollywood&rsquos legendary actor Clint Eastwood, who was etched in our memory with his film ?The Good, The Bad and The Ugly&rdquo, is subjecting himself to a real test rather than using the power of his last name. The handsome actor whose star shone for the first time in the 2015 film ?The Longest Ride&rdquo, is now also under the close pursuit of advertisement companies. Eastwood, who posed for brands like Hugo Boss and Davidoff, is also quickly advancing on the road to becoming a style icon.


Born on March 21, 1986 in California, Scott Clinton Eastwood spent most of his life in Hawaii. Currently he lives in San Diego. Having graduated from the Loyola Marymount University Communications Department, Scott also models and produces in addition to acting. He started off his acting career using his mother&rsquos last name Reeves because he did not want to be treated differently for having the Eastwood name but later on he realized the power of this last name and started using Eastwood.

Scott said that he tried out for almost all of his father&rsquos films but was only able to get a role in ?Gran Torino&rdquo, ?Flags of our Fathers&rdquo and ?Invictus&rdquo. The 2006 production ?Flags of our Fathers&rdquo is also the first film in which his father is both the director and an actor.


He has been familiar with film sets since he was a child since his father is Clint Eastwood. He has been in this sector since 2006. Having received the criticism that he is a fairly recessive character in the shadow of Clint Eastwood by many film critics, Scott responded to the skepticism like a crisp slap in the face with the Sergeant Mile character he brought to life in the film ?Fury&rdquo.


In 2010 he played the leading role in ?Enter Nowhere&rdquo, had a role in the ?Texas Chainsaw 3D&rdquo film and later undertook a role with names like Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lerman in the film ?Fury&rdquo to attract plenty of attention to himself.


Scott made his actual debut in &ldquoThe Longest Ride&rdquo where he shared the leading role with Britt Robertson. We also watched Scott with Shailene Woodley, Nicholas Cage and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in the film ?Snowden&rdquo and with Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie in ?Suicide Squad&rdquo.


He was recommended for the part of Christian Grey in the film that created a great stir &ldquoFifty Shades of Grey&rdquo. But Scott turned this brilliant offer down as the film contained too much nudity, adding that despite this he had grown up in Hawaii and therefore had no problem with being topless.

Accepting his father&rsquos influence in his entry into the sector in many interviews, Scott also said that his name would someday be uttered without Clint in front of it. He accepts that he is still somewhat of an amateur when it comes to acting and prefers to portray a modest picture of himself in this sense.

However, when it comes to style and fashion Scott Eastwood leaves most of his fellow men behind. In the style that Scott has created combining bits of everyday sports, he reflects the marine and country style of the 1960s with understated lines. Scott&rsquos choices in accessories also serve the same style. The fact that he finds accessories which provide all of the abilities of the modern era through classical means to be more sincere is very clear when Scott&rsquos watch choices are observed.


One of Scott&rsquos biggest complaints is that people have labeled him as a spoiled rich kid that lives off his father&rsquos money. Scott, who says he is doing everything he can to exist on his own in the market, says he was never raised with a club culture on the contrary he comes from within the people. Scott&rsquos formal color is black. Black is a passion for him. It is possible for you to see Scott flashing his sincere smile ironically from the mysterious and cold atmosphere of black at official invitations, galas and opening ceremonies.


Little Known Facts


He has never been a spoiled rich kid. Before he became an actor he worked as a valet and a construction worker. He fell in love with a flight attendant and almost got married. Scott is one of the managing partners of the Saddle Bar located in Solana Beach, (California). He has six siblings, five of which are step siblings. An Aries sign, Scott is a great animal lover just like his father and sister. He had a role in Taylor Swift&rsquos ?Wildest Dreams&rdquo video.