In reality, very few things create a true trend in fashion world and for a very longtime we have not witnessed any that would deliver the message of &lsquofashion is not your slave&rsquo to those who consider themselves fashion aficionados.  Of course, I place importance on the experimental fashion movements for street and for life in its own right.  To follow and participate in new trends that effect the street language or read the street correctly, is another value.

The teaming of ADIDAS & KANYE WEST is a bit of a game changer, that is why I base my thoughts and perceptions on a different value, like anyone else who would realize that.  As a matter of fact, what attracted my attention is the attitude of Adidas and its decision.  I see this attitude as a fashion Miracle.  It is very impressive as the most special color story that has been able to stand together for a long time.

From another angle, HIPHOP, RAP and STREET could have been the inspiration point to other designers and brands, but it wouldn&rsquot be as interesting or I don&rsquot think the result would be as brilliant.  It would definitely be missing something.  There is a different equation in this team.  KANYE WEST, one of the stars of HIP HOP, RAP music and the most interesting thing is reaching fashion from his view of life and creating a new equation for fashion.  It is more real and more creative. A real attitude that forms a new attitude in fashion.  

Of course the miracle is the touch of an Italian performer&rsquos expertise.  VANNESSA BEECROFT is a name with all her performances makes one think, her clear and static work is widely discussed and displayed, and she is a source of inspiration to other aesthetic fields.

Within this project, when Kanye West says * I am here for the crack in the sidewalk!, maybe what he actually expresses is a belongingness to his game changing attitude or a new definition of fashion.. and his second statement, * I want to design something better for you.

With a sensitive approach he expresses a sincere effort.

West, is a special name in pop culture.  His stage presence, his own entourage he lives with, other celebrities who are fans of him.

Fashion is renewing itself, for sure this will be a different reflection of all points in his collection.

The military attitude, all tones of military green, special comfortable shapes, different techno fabrics with a special color palette of green, dark brown, charcoal, black and pastel scarlets and dark scarlet combinations are very special.  Tones belonging to salmon, white, the pinkest of pink, nude color and special scales of beige along with dark petrol and browns, navy tones present a picture. Special design sweaters with this form, aesthetic and a color palette never treated before&hellip fur and microfiber surfaces that have been made to look worn-out using the *destroy technique.  A photograph with a complete ghetto, communal* understanding.  Everything that belongs to a group who knows each other well and have a common language. Languages, colors and attitudes.

Kanye West in the * yeezy boost design has become a different object of attention for Adidas.  The sales of this special design that is of limited production has reached epidemic proportions.  And after the Grammy awards the awareness of the new design grew and became irreplaceable for the new generation and Kanye West fans.





Kanye West is one of the most influential names in the music world.  Last time, at the 57th Grammy Awards ceremonies, he jumped on the stage to interrupt the winner of Album of the Year, Beck&rsquos speech. Fortunately, he changed his mind at the last minute and stopped.  In his explanation at the end of the night, he expressed that Beyoncé was right. Kanye had made a similar move while Taylor Swift was receiving an award, and had become the center of a lot of discussions. As some had found his act revolutionary and idealistic, others classified it was rude and unnecessary.   Actually, the public has been happy to follow two different sides of Kanye who is not afraid to take risks.  Emotional-rude, savior-victim, calming-instigating&hellip The rapper was born in 1977 to a middle class family, conquered the hip hop world first. Not only did he conquer, but he changed it and turned it around. Now he is in the major league of the music world.  He is pushing the limits again, looking for ways to be the greatest. And yes, we have to admit he is an egomaniac. He believes the whole world wants to hear his words, see what he does&hellip The whole world part is up for discussion of course, however the news that a university professor wants his students to follow all that Kanye does and says is true.  He is a jigsaw puzzle. It all started with a Georgia State University language and literature professor Dr. Scott Heath discovering a rapper whose name he thought was &lsquoKane&rsquo.  The professor known for his research on the hip hop culture, was not overly impressed by the rapper whose name he later found to be &lsquoKanye,&rsquo he just thought &ldquoNot bad, won&rsquot hurt to listen to him.&rdquo  But as the years passed by he discovered a strong and effective side.  And finally, he decided to teach Kanye West as a class in his department of the university. He said &ldquoAs educators we are in the problem solving business. Kanye West is an amazing jigsaw puzzle&rdquo Heath&rsquos class carries the main title of &lsquoKanye Against Everyone.&rsquo  In this class, Kanye, who is an artist and a public figure is studied as someone who from zero became one of the most famous men of the world. African American poems and poets are also under debate as the changes in the text are analyzed from the angles of race, class and sex.  Throughout the semester, students work on deciphering the codes in Kanye&rsquos works and interviews. Heath has 30 students in his class, 180 more are on the waiting list&hellip As Dr. Heath explained in an interview he gave to the New York music magazine Fader &ldquoKanye West is only one of a few musicians who approach hip hop as an art. He does not only speak of designing fashion, he speaks of designing culture.&rdquo He has an interesting opinion about the troubled relationship the famous musician has with the media &ldquoHe is aware of the criticism that comes his way.  After all he replies to all the criticism with criticism.  Think of a man, who gives an interview by saying the exact same things as in his previous interview.&rdquo Even if he drives us crazy most of the time, with his private life, thoughts, speeches and all his actions we have to give him credit. He has already managed to carve his name into music history as a &lsquogenius.&rsquo