The First Showroom to be Opened Outside of Turkey


Climber B.C., the trendsetter brand of men&rsquos fashion, has opened its first showroom outside of Turkey in Italy&rsquos fashion capital of Milan. The opening that was followed closely by the fashion world was a dazzling event. The innovative and confident spirit that Climber B.C. has brought to men&rsquos fashion was introduced to two hundred select guests at the special opening event organized on June 21st at the Via Borgonuovo, No: 12 address of Climber B.C.&rsquos showroom.


Ümit Ünal, who has been the designer and creative director of the brand for many years, and Erkan Çoruh, who has a signature on the capsule collection, were in attendance at the special event organized on one of the most significant streets in Milan, and lavished special attention on all the guests while introducing their collections.


The Famous Names in the Fashion World Got Together


There were a number of editors and bloggers at the special event organized by Climber B.C. Important names like L'Uomo Vogue editor Alan Prada, Man in Town editor Federico Boletti and Gian Piero Bari were in attendance to see the line of the brand firsthand. The products of Climber B.C. were carefully examined by buyers attending from Isetan, one of the most important department stores of Neiman Marcus and the Far East.


The traditional &lsquokandil simit&rsquo (a type of Turkish pastry covered with sesame served on religious holidays) specially made for the occasion and Climber B.C. chocolates provided for a more Turkish atmosphere, were greeted with great interest along with the Italian cuisine treats that were on offer. Manuel & Cara, among the famous stylists of the fashion world, presented the surprise for the evening by taking over the DJ job and setting the rhythm for the event.


What Was in the Showroom?


At the head office of Climber B.C. in Milan the three different lines of Climber B.C., Sartorial and Black are beign exhibited. Presented for viewing, Sartorial, with the feature of being &lsquoAll Made in Italy&rsquo is a 20 piece capsule collection designed by Erkan Çoruh.


The Milan showroom includes three spacious rooms where the collections are displayed and a conference room for holding meetings, in which the basic pieces from the three collections are displayed. A separate section being devoted to each different line so that the lines can be more easily perceived is a striking detail. Guests are hosted in a genuine fashion atmosphere with these three separate sections for the lines, each with their own unique story, style and target audience.