This is the name, we have given to the exclusive stance.  2016-2017 Winter Season is an awareness we have marked with &ldquoHearing Colours&rdquo concept,   awareness   of the new aesthetic.  It is a season, in which we have read the details and answered to the refined and master-minded approaches.

CLIMBER B.C is creating a different perspective in the new period by adding New Luxury, Ultra Chic, Modernist and Contemporary nuances to the main character definitions with masculine and business spirit.  Its  exclusive characteristic comes from the creativeness in combination alternatives  apart from the richness and visual value of the design products, that cover the collection. It is variable according to personal choices and taste  and very open to the aesthetic results. A high level collection, which is reshaped with its every new buyer.

The woven textures with special surface are at the forefront  in the winter designs, which have been privatized with the Hearing Colours theme. Countless designs of the suits, jackets and trousers, mono collars, single and double breast coatings, hidden and pale plaid designs, linear effects, dobby woven surfaces with strong character,  which are designed in fit and plain forms with ultrafine wool, wool combinations and designed textures.

The colour richness comes from a valuable scale, which goes to red brown, cinnamon, dark beige, stone colour, petrol and navy, cobalt blue and sax blue especially in SARTORIAL designs.Business Luxury starts a trend with flawless  and elegant details.

2016-2017 Winter is a period, particularly sensitive against style characteristics in the equations of colour, form and combinations, a classism, which has minimal, modernist, multi-colour and new  dynamism.  CLIMBER B.C brings tailor made detailed fine hand workmanship into the daily life&rsquos design understanding by reinterpreting them. Special stitches with accessory characteristic, coloured details, fabric and accessory combinations, special shirts, made from cotton and satin textures, dopy woven special design shits with minimal collar are some examples  of the  determining characteristics of the whole collection. Silk ties, printed silk handkerchief designs, leather belt and bag designs and other special designs, which are privatized,  deepened  and enriched with unlimited alternative. A combination of harmony and balance. Functional and creative., which has increasing and multiplying results with personal touches and style exercises. Real and personal.