A new path, which is for dragging  others from its  own footsteps, not for following them. 2016-2017 Winter, a period of maturity, mastership. A combination of new classics, new fashion understandings, new equations. A change, an alteration and becoming another composition which cruises at the top level of the fashion.


BLACK is the name of a particular trend, which belongs to the fashion attitude of the new world, with us. A formation that frees instinctive style understandings, monochrome balance and minimalism, that has  a more effective manner. BLACK,  which anticipates the monochromatic approach as top characteristic, prefers quiet shades by getting away from the colour in the name of relieving the detail and design characteristics. We have a BLACK spirit against us, which cares about high fashion perception and is successful in reflecting the hedonist and existentialist attitude of the fashion and trends, while it anticipates of being  belong to the characteristic stances of them.

Less colour, more detail and elegancy. A fashion understanding with newer equations. CLIMBER B.C. BLACK marks collection designs, defined as new and classic  withits sharper lines and avant-gardeexpressions with its definition of &ldquoDark Fashion&rdquo. CLIMBER B.C. BLACK is a stage sympathiser. It loves stage and lights and has a combination understanding, which emphasises alternative style situation and challenging silhouettes. Innovative, dynamic, alternative, experimental and without coercion.

BLACK is very much coloured! It expresses  being multi-coloured by rearranging the definition of the colour for 2016-2017 winter season with &ldquoHearing Colours&rdquo concept and multitude of the distinctive designs. Leather and special design jacket and coats with washing effect, specially knitted tricot garments, monochrome artwork printed white shirts, prepared from the sentences, speeches of Sylvia Plath. &hellip

As CLIMBER B.C. BLACK JEANS presents us more creative forms and details with a new understanding, it also presents us tens of alternatives in skinny, slim, slim cargo and tapered forms with special effect jean trousers.  Trousers with scotch plaid and special woven effects follow the black, mat black, grey, white jean options. The jogger trousers in knitted garment group  with zipper detail and elegant accessories become candidate of one of the most stylish and comfortable designs of the season.