2016-2017 FALL WINTER


With its most tranquil expression art and color emphasis, Ivanman creates a different touch for tomorrow&rsquos understanding of fashion. It recreates the Fifties for 2017. We are looking at tomorrow once more from Berlin. The city, light and shadows are drawn again with Ivan Mandzukic.


The brand is one of the best examples of the new age fashion design understanding. The designer of the Berlin-based brand, Mandzukic, forms the new fashion trends in a calm and aesthetic way. It is one of the alternative options to men&rsquos fashion. Familiar, simple, calm and strong. The venue we first witnessed the 2016-2017 winter designs is &ldquoStage Me Collectors Room,&rdquo one of Berlin&rsquos special platforms. We are now living a process in which good things are written afterwards, and the presentation as well as the quality of the colors of the collection are pointed out.


The starting point of the designer&rsquos collection which is masterful in terms of colors, is the desire for expressing every development regarding the liveliness of the city. Light and shadows, skyscrapers with minimal detailing, cubic form and platforms, the repetitive city windows, observations, the relationship between movement and stability in the silent expression of the city are seen in all details of the collection. Another form of expression for the city. More hidden, more artful. Aesthetic references to the Fifties. And Dandies style expressions stemming again from the Fifties. All of these are the silhouettes signing the Savile Row and Teddy Boys detailed collections.


Elegant and modern, experimental and contemporary ingredients create a different duality movement in this collection. We have another reason to give credit to Ivanman&rsquos seasonal harvest: The Colors of the collection. Cheerful, bold and having special meanings about life energy. The whole color usage has a special synthesis of balance. Especially the harmony between more vivid, salmon, orange characteristics and coral color expressions the modernist expressions of green and salmon dark blue, crimson and salmon present a new energy to 2016-2017 winter collection with their strongest qualities. More than an introverted portrayal, it carries an extroverted quality. It is of a sort which passes life energy to the universe and to the others. The color choice of the designer presents a strong form of communication.


The angular quadratic pockets, slim cut trench coat and topcoats and bold colors again, orange and pink nuanced color scales in shirts again accompanying the dark colors of the jacket and trousers suits. Actually, it is correct to explain this trend as color blocks and quadratic forms, too. The options nuanced between beige and brown, a selection of slim trousers of Fifties, cargo definitions in coats and jackets expressing the era, pockets are actually utilized as angular patterns formally. And all these add perspective to stable forms. Red and lava special coats, filling and volume featured beige and red, orange, crimson combined knitwear, black coats and perhaps the combinations of beige brown shirts added to red long jackets or red slim trousers couple are among the most favorites. The colors are sort of translucent for winter. They are shining.


This is actually a picture. Ivanman prefers a color-featured, angular expression while defining the season. What makes it different is that it comes with a tranquil panache. Its specialty is in its rare novelty simplicities. Easy to think but not tried, unique, disparate, a different landing of identity. Like thematic movies. Pure, tranquil and striking. Catchy afterwards and understood slowly. A parade of identity, color and transformation.