2016-2017 FALL/WINTER

A special collection by Stefano Pilati. The 2016-2017 winter collection that he completed for Ermenegildo Zegna is of a dark and deep scale. In fact, it has dark and dramatic expressions of collection narrative however, with romantic additions, it has acquired a more stunning look. Zegna continues and repeats its restrained and identified attitude with a more monochromatic narrative this season. This season, the most powerful and dominant expressions on suits, coats, embroidery, patterns, jacquard, and motifs efforts, on coats and jackets bring more decorative surfaces and forms for the future.


Patterns defined with luxury in their richest states, jacquard patterns, special textile fabrics, and different forms. Large and wide pants for the future, and coats and knitwear derivatives are in front of us as significant changes. Bomber jackets, sets with sporty details, faded, plaid, and dobby weaved pants, coats, and jackets in lose forms, gray, dark brown, black, charcoal, navy, burgundy, and white balances, are of those among the outstanding ones in the color palette. Pilati, even though he has used different blocks of colors this season, has not actually been a color enthusiast with the 2017 Winter Collection. Metallic glow and sparkles add a special rhythm to the entire theme. The designer creates a collection which is strengthened with more monochrome offers. The collection also has a secret retro approach. Some scenes are reminiscent of the old-school gangster movies &hellip


Embroided quilted jackets, breasted jackets, long coats and jackets, classical pieces and knit-wear shirts are indispensable options for the future. The collars on striped wool flannel jackets and coats are large and wide. Specific patterns on knitted sweaters are quite spectacular and interesting. They are geometric, but more of a design character. Wide-neck special sweaters again in gray tones. Brown, gray, navy blue, and burgundy, are used a lot on low-crotch pants and pleated special detailed variant pants. Raglan sleeve lamination featured jackets, coats with geometric lace technique creates special relief effects. Red brown, anthracite color combinations are of dramatic and outstanding quality. Mainly, motifs, and patterns, a structure of European art from the classic period are dominant with the long coats. The uses of combinations on the patterns are quite brave. Of course, these bold experiments of the artist with his master attitude, transforms the combinations with gray, and its dark tones into a more easily accepted form.



The brand stylist provides stunning pictures regarding how these special designs could be used in life in the fashion show held in Milan. Special ties, ties with the embroidered Zegna logo are more in dark tones and narrow form. Special hat designs bring a particular aesthetic value to Neo-classicism with a sporty touch. The wool and patterned shawl designs, supported by the same intonation gloss and matte leather shoes. The collection brings a special balance and depth special to Neo-classicism


Updated style synthesized reflections of renaissance, the bohemian life attitude, jacquard patterns with sporty touch or alternatively quilted coats and jackets. Sweaters bear the most daring motifs and patterns. In fact, a very unique kind. They are a very good reminder of the Zegna collection. A new attitude with a past reference. Special fabrics on jacket, pants, and suit styles, woolen fabrics, cotton featured surfaces, thin ties and dobby shirts with linear and color alloys, leather shoes, leather belts, silk and wool scarves and handkerchiefs, knitwear designs, special sweaters and cardigans, sartorial featured jackets, vest and pants designs, handcrafted details, monochrome and colorful contrasts, reddish brown, stones, and moderate tones, beige, black all the intermediate gradations of blue, and indigo blue endless color stories and proliferating details.


In fact, rather than choices, how they are combined or with what they go together with, points to a definition of personal taste. We read the identification and taste analysis from these metamorphoses. Picky, original, the historical references are solid, with a high ability for interpreting simple and identity expression with aesthetic exposure, creative, and special. With dark spots, deep, and dramatic details, the rich and powerful expressive of the Zegna winter 2017 collection with monochromatic approach, will be remembered as dark and romantic. Perhaps it gives a break with its own rhythm to the technological era and super fast fluidity. The 2017 Zegna collection, with the details of the designer, is a remarkable work of art, which has elite, solid, and a luxurious philosophy and concept.