May 25, 2016 / Shanghai


We had a meeting of 15 delegates invited by the China Fashion & Color Association. This time, our venue was a special city of the Far East, Shanghai.


This meeting on the summer colors of 2018 actually turned into a session where we tried to understand the global changes and filter these changes through our own focus before conveying the conclusions we came to. There were so many different presentations on different aspects and so many different worlds. This was a meeting of the cultures and mutual conclusions that were selected, settled and agreed on for the 2018 trends.


Intercolor has been organizing the trends and motions of life and the future for over 50 years. Now we are producing deductions from the final points of change. We, as Turkey, are approaching our twentieth year under our Ümit Ünal and Özlem Süer 34.Color.Ist union and the meeting in Shanghai was a meaningful one for us. In this advanced city of China, one of the most important powers in the world, we have made determinations about the world of tomorrow and we are now sharing these. Here&rsquos to design, fashion and living trends we have in common.


The strength of Shangtex Holding was combined with the event of the China Fashion & Color Association to create a very special week. Guests, press, the business world, the design world and global meetings all together. We held numerous presentations throughout three days on May 25-26-27, 2016.


The delegations of each country carefully synthesized the changing approaches, attitudes and actions of the world towards the future and the differences between the generations to make positive contributions. During the meeting attended by Turkey, England, France, Germany, Finland, America, Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Austria, the changes in balance and attitude under the meeting of generations were among the themes that drew attention.


?SHAKING THE WORLD&rdquo was actually the approach that set the newly metamorphosing world into motion and was selected as the main concept. And &ldquoAnthropocene&rdquo &ndash a concept that explains today, the point at which we have arrived, and carries a reference to the contrast between those that are created and those that are destroyed with the maximum yield of digital technology &ndash is actually the name of a new era.


This was a definition on which we had discussions covering all data. An approach that we were effective in, that explained and described the world. The general name of the period that had lasted since the time that human activity began changing the world and the ecosystem and which included this period.


The concept ?Anthropocene&rdquo was created by Nobel award recipient Paul Crutzen from the words "anthrope" (human), "cene" (new era). It is used to describe the new era that the world is currently in: "Until the past few centuries, people were in the position of passengers in the world. But now they are in the driver seat and now they are irreversibly changing the world with actions, for which they do not know/do not think of the consequences. Some scientists have said that the geological and climatic changes that humans have caused on the earth since the 18th century have made us enter a whole new geological period and call this the Anthropocene era. In fact, they indicate that 1784, when the steam turbine was invented, as the start of this period."?


All of the data was collected under the headings of HUMANALIA, HYPERBOLE, PERFECT IMPERFECT, TOUGH BUT FRAIL and the focused conclusions were revealed.


The era of innovations and new descriptions. The timing of a digital, very colorful, effective, active, unlimited transformation an era of mature work, ideas and conclusions. An approach that points to the acceptance of all experimental and freestyle work with an excellent imperfection perspective and in fact an approach that accepts coincidental art and coincidental results as tangible and real. The new realities are now surreal. They are fantastic, creative, unique and free. Experimental, new, mature and intellectual data.


All the new results of life full of experiences, we are conveying them to the future and restarting them and starting again. We are leaving new effects everywhere in every time zone. We are creating transformations.