Julia Hetta&rsquos Renaissance Portraits


Swedish fashion photographer Julia Hetta is known for strikingly beautiful portraits inspired by the Renaissance. Her photographs are often in leading fashion magazines like Dazed & Confused, AnOther, Double, Acne Paper and T Magazine as editorials. Hetta, who has been in the studio for major brands like Lanvin, Jil Sander, Hermès and Chloe, is accepted as one of the most exciting names in the new generation fashion photography of our day.

Graduated from Amsterdam&rsquos Gerrit Rietveldt Academie in 2004, Hetta soon made a name for herself on a worldwide scale. Her work and her breathtaking poses have been displayed at exhibits throughout many locations in Europe including Holland, Belgium, Sweden and France as well as in many magazine pages.

Hetta, who has said that she is always immersed in photography, used to work in a photography agency. So she never broke her ties with photography, long before becoming a worldwide name.


Those effective moments that are revealed by Hetta&rsquos lens are like unique perfume that holds just as much a hint of darkness and fear as beauty and romanticism. Attractive, admiration inspiring, association evoking and priceless&hellip The nature of Hetta&rsquos photographs is virtually at the quality of a Renaissance palette. Also her black and white work is never afraid to be excessively dark and somber.


Evoking admiration in everyone who sees her work, Hetta says that books are a unique source of inspiration for her work and adds that she can spend hours on end at libraries. When asked to describe her work in three words Hetta, who has her own style of narrative and is dazzling in her uniqueness, says: &ldquoStillness, silence and darkness.&rdquo

Hetta describes her ideas about the future of modern fashion photography as follows:


&ldquoThe future of contemporary fashion photography is for me a more personal interpretation of fashion. I also think that we'll see more personal post-production. I think it would be fresh with more female fashion photographers and artists from other fields contributing in fashion.&rdquo


Hetta, who associates an alternative world view enhanced by romanticism and tranquility with classical pictures to work with almost all natural light and long poses, fills the themes she works on with serenity and strength. With her form of using light, color and texture she transforms her fashion photographs into timeless magic.