2016-2017 FALL WINTER


To think well. To really think well.

And always be aware of everything.

To be able to hear colors.


The most important work in recent times is on awareness. Seeing cannot be enough, it is not enough. Following vibrations and working on increasing sensitivity, paying attention to data we are unable to read correctly, slowing down, making it slow down, and conducting sessions for internalizing. Collecting and becoming aware of all the details that we missed, couldn&rsquot hear, couldn&rsquot see, that we reduced without noticing. We stop to perceive, understand and become aware.

And another identity. The color hearing Neil Harbisson. This special character, who cannot see colors but sees life in tones of gray, adds color to life by perceiving color vibrations with the help of a sensor. Each color has a different vibration, it has a frequency. Being able to see what a huge effort it really is. This is the effort of a good and lovely mind. Neil Harbisson is born with achromatopsia and perceives life to be gray. Then with an antennae implant he gains the skill of hearing colors.


Today, under a number of different headings, we witness his journey of hearing colors instead of seeing colors. Being able to hear colors! One of our sources of inspiration with a special approach for this season. It is with this approach that CLIMBER B.C. calls us to a special language that will draw us to its own frequencies with all the creative collections and colors that can be heard. With the vibrations of black, the emotional references to mourning and the different frequencies of yellow a brand new approach is brought to the 2016-2017 winter season.




I find a message in which the efforts experienced by an artist or these special characters or a film character are explained to be valuable. When you can take notice life can be read correctly. Living with an identity, witnessing the surprises and miracles of life.


Adding a quality to the 2016-2017 winter collection with a different color perception, CLIMBER B.C. suggests a single and special result for the style and comfort dilemma with the sub groups of ?Smart Business&rdquo and ?Weekend&rdquo. Special forms, elegance in a special style. The jacket-pant suits prepared with fabric and surface options from the special fabrics and wool, cotton and various twisted threads or the chance to create different combinations with single jackets as a more dynamic option and the pants designs that enable personal selectivity. Jackets designed with the most different tones of gray, navy blue, saxe blue, anthracite and black in plain or specially woven textures. With single or double closure alternatives. Plain and wide modern line plaids in wool jackets are the very attention grabbing most special designs for the winter. Contour designed plaid pants in silver gray, cobalt, Prussia and sky blue options accompanied by beige and icy blues. Mercerized t-shirt weaves. Jacquard and armure woven effect tops groups. Winter knitwear in voluminous and light special colors is quite special. A winter collection with a wealth of accessories. The combinations in this collection that is made special with the theme of ?Hearing Colors&rdquo and carries color magic within its details are quite dynamic.

The name of a special trend belonging to the fashion attitude of the new world is BLACK to us. A more effective formation that sets free the minimalism, monochrome balance and instinctive style concept within its attitude. BLACK, which adopts the monochromatic approach as a superior quality, distances itself from color to emphasize the detail and design feature and prefers the calm tones. A BLACK that places importance on superior fashion perception and is successful in reflecting an existential and hedonist attitude while embracing the state of belonging to the characteristic stances of fashion and trends.


Less color more detail and elegance. A fashion concept with newer equations. CLIMBER B.C. BLACK marks the new, classic defines collection designs with sharper lines, a Dark Fashion definition and avant-garde expressions. With an understanding of the stage, the collection loves the lights and stage and has a confident silhouette and a combination concept that places importance on having an alternative style state. Innovative, not forced, dynamic, alternative and experimental.

BLACK is very colorful! By reorganizing the definition of color with the ?Hearing Colors&rdquo concept for the 2016-2017 winter season, being colorful is expressed with the abundance of quality designs. Leather, special designs, washed effect jackets and coats and printed white collared shirts with monochrome artwork printed on them prepared from the writings of Sylvia Plath.


While CLIMBER B.C. BLACK JEANS brings creative form and details with a new approach, skinny, slim, slim cargo and tapered forms in the special effect jeans offer many options. Black, mat black, gray, white jean options are followed by plaid and special effect woven pants. The jogger pants in the knit groups and the special designs with zipper detail and stylish accessories are candidates for the most comfortable and stylish designs of the season.