On the Troubling Undiscovered Shores of Inspiration&hellip


In our world where there is almost no place left that isn&rsquot under the rule of technology, it is quite difficult to continue our humanitarian faculties in the &ldquoold school&rdquo manner. Our communication habits, life standards and demands on life, which have changed completely, have carried us into a whole new era as humanity.

And of course on the other hand the weapons that have been made more powerful technologically, millions that are being killed in order to survive, the global invisibility of being a refugee, a process of transformation that is harsher than ever before and the retrogressive exhibitionism and luxury fetishism of the social media&hellip It is really very difficult to live in this rare climate created by contrasts. But the thing we call inspiration actually feeds off of this very thing.

The world of fashion, which continues to carry out the mission of carrying the ever changing pulse of life to the podium, has not been afraid to spread the filth of the dark world agenda to clothing for a long time. Flawless testimonies of courageous attempts and striking podium shows accompanied by technology&hellip Balenciaga, Prada and Dior fashion shows that make it as far as your living room and the democratization of fashion. The reinterpreting of elegance and inaccessibility. These are the signs of a new era in terms of fashion.

Ümit Ünal and the Climber Design Team, who set out with the theme of ?Hearing Colors&rdquo, experiences a great deal of words, images and sounds that will also get inspiration in this season. While bringing to existence what has not been said, the challenging weeks of work were left behind with ambition. We as the Fashion XY crew searched for ways to prepare a whole new edition with the glory to represent the new season. And now our most recent edition is in your possession. In front of your own eyes.

We invite you yet again to come and discover what is going on in the world of Climber B.C. and what extremes men&rsquos fashion is exploring in the new season. Of course we provide you with a wealth of information you&rsquoll want to have at your finger tips throughout the season&hellip