Comfortable combination alternatives. Grey polyamide jackets. Spirited details consisting of contour strips and bands in brighter shades are marking a formidable techno-nature feeling in summer jacket forms.

Dark grey products are being completed with printed indigo-saxe and greenish toning and shirts with graphical prints. In 2009 Climber summer designs, denim trousers the cool and easy washing effects of which we observe are being completed with basic form characteristic.  Luggage-bags with functional dynamic exits, sportive shoes with distinct tapes and bands are among the other designs attracting attention. 

T-shirts with middle toned prints, bright grey or lilac and grey-pink colors are adding masculine and at the same time colorful alternatives to this great harmony. Choice and combination diversity offers a fabulous summer wardrobe. 
Black and white contour contrasts, fabulous harmony of contrast understanding, bright-patent leather surfaces, design expertise conveying classical details to futuristic orbit&hellip are being realized with Climber 2009 Summer Collection.