Designs And Signs


Climber 2008-2009 fall-winter collection tells the single struggle of Don Quiote, a story of no bother. His aim is not to be a hero, he only aims to make the things he desire. Having a confused min due to reading the adventures of the knights sometimes may differentiate a person a lot. Monitoring the world trends brought us to the discovery of the road that open to a new adventure. We tried to be ourselves and we wanted to take not only ourselves but all the fashion lovers to an adven- ture. 
This winter again the special designed trousers are on the  fore stage within Climber men collection. Basic denims are always popular, however men after different designs may again find their objects in Climber.

Blue, grey and dark colours will be predominant in denims as well as black. These denims may be worn in day or at night where they will be your heroes at your most challenging hours.

You may combine these trousers with your dresses in your wardrobe and you may obtain the fashion of the season easily by this way. Climber special cups and pockets again will be eye-catching. The delicate details on the trousers will make you feel more special at each time you carry them. You won&rsquot be bored of wearing the same trouser for days. Whether you prefer tight or loose cut, you will easily find a design suiting your style thanks to the model works in accordance with the moulds. Tuxedo strips on the trousers also deserve appreciation. 

Flannel, cachet and nylon garners used on Montgomery jackets and short coats give a special atmosphere to the models. Montgomery fabrics with bright primers are combined with leather. Metallic Montgomery jackets, techno and special coated fabrics are preferred. These winter short and long Montgomery jackets will be basics. The designs specialised with straight and scotch fabrics deserve your attention. At once and now, prepare a place for the puffed up goose feather Montgomery jackets in your wardrobe.

Climber Jeans, trying to give a difference to the suit rather than reaching a colour harmony, used together the brown and deep blue, the red and black. Grey toned short coats, Montgomery jackets and trousers may be found in the collection. All the spiritual moods of grey reflected on the designs this season. However, when you look, you will understand that the collection is not pessimistic at all.  

Washed pieces are generally dark however you will find also light colour denims. Rinsedi light colour washing, resin washing, specially worked clips, naturally worn dark colours... Special bright fabrics are subjected only to resin and the brightness of the fabric made more apparent. 

The collection having crowded accessories such as shawls, berets, socks, ties etc. also include a satisfactory and distinguished place for big, black leather bags.

The grey toned sport shoe models, boots and patent classic shoes determine the general frame of the shoe section in the collection.

This season the gloves not only protect you against the cold but at the same time they make you seem trendy. And a little advise... Prefer thin belts. Leather is again the ruler and the colour spectrum is quite wide.