Men Fashion Under The Climber Concept



While the entire atmosphere of change produces its own special groups, tens of fashion perceptions of different concepts, defined as more original, reach to an eclectic whole in the present time. The travellers, characters, or the characters succeeding to make us feel a new identity, heroic stories, fantastic science-fiction all are moulded in our collections under a progressed interpretation. 
Climber adds a character to the men fashion that differentiates and makes chic the current through a strong and effective story telling. A new approach, with our own interpretation,  on the more eye-catching  suits of the show and entertainment business becomes real.

Climber brings alternatives to the men fashion through said line together with global brands who have accepted the same approach as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and John Richmond to be the main partners.

Climber reflects this special, chic and sportive understanding in all of its 2008 summer designs however brings a more deep concept and a more special character in 2008-2009 winter season: DON QUIJOTE

Don Quijote, the classical hero/knight of Spaniard author Miguel De Cervantes, mesmerised us  with his romantic and warrior character which turns the dream into reality.  And Climber prepared  its collection by considering the sensitivity of this romantic knight. All the details have matured by synthesising global trends and Don Quijote.

A mass design sketch has been prepared for the motives, fabrics, cups and forms under the inspiration of classical period European knight suits and living style of that era. It is worked to reflect such effect and the collection is accordingly completed.

A special and precise joint work of design team and production team now comes to you with the photos taken by our photograph artist Sedef Delen. Don Quijote is the name of a travel into a period travel, performed by us.