Voices of Tomorrow


Experimenting with new things is all well and good, but I dont think it is always that wise an attitude. Those who change their whole identity too often can not amount to anything due to the fact,  I think, that sometimes fitting tens of items into one of fashion&rsquos six month cycles too much of a burden to shoulder.

The times stress less the reflection of trends and more simple synthesis. It&rsquos as clear as stated. Moreover, the current age promotes reaching out to the most authentic state of a brand on its own terms. This is a welcomed return. Relaxed and unfussed.
We&rsquove lined up the new season for you, ready to receive the obligatory commentary. The main thing we&rsquod like to point out is the fact that nothing is going to be like it was before. It&rsquos like an illusion, we are talking about clothing styles that convey meaning and give a breath of fresh air.
There are many symbols and representations of the symbolic, subsequently followed by a performance called &lsquoTomorrow&rsquos World&rsquo.
Ümit Ünal
Fashion Designer