Complete your existence and decide your own route. All your trials and errors have come to an end and you know yourself a lot better. Lots of adventures, yet to be told, have turned into the character others experience. The person opposite you starts interrogating themselves clueless while you keep constantly relating. For the ways in which they would like to continue in the cause of their success, character and goals through short cuts.

Everything you relate to is followed up on. Your attitude is modeled upon, your posture renders every other individual your secret admirer. Every attitude, word and approach that is reflected from you is a reference point for others.


What you wear and the people you choose, the places that you meet. You are a role model now. A string of sentences are written belonging to every approach you express. Whatever you imply is encrypted again and again.

Pleasures and attitudes gradually render this intricacy indispensible. Your style has become a characteristic of style and every attitude that you display enters into literature. You are now a reference for others, a role model that affects tens of people to form another you and another identity.

Actor, artist, political figure, architect, designer, musician, gourmet, master of flavor, interior designer, organizer or a silent individual at a calmer profession with more serene attitude. Now you have another identity apart from your profession and yourself. You are a role model for life. For street. For style.

Until recently, the representatives of this concept such as actors, actresses, fashion style were left far behind as role models &ndash though they now result more and more from personal choices.

Of course, fashion never gives up illustrating positive values. Through sampling. Your existence sometimes turns into a line of individuality, sometimes into an icon of style, sometimes into a rich alternative and sometimes into a characteristic phenomenon.

Now it is the time to be a role model. Not in the name of taking after examples. But in the name of becoming an example.

Our designs and the things we have prepared this season are full of details and characteristics that will again be taken as examples. Colors, forms and silhouettes make sample synthesizes and combinations for many men. We effectively describe these frames that we conceived with special cups and forms. One after another, fearlessly and without giving up.

The winter season, with all these approaches, bears a more elegant and stylish platform through tailored jackets, denim pants and casual details, and is created through aggressively-washed denims in androgen trends, and comfortable pants from special fabrics in checkered and dark tones.

Again, there are very rich details and variations. Special jackets, pants, suits and a special shirt collection of elite group offering different option and taste alternatives for all role models.